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  • cettefemme;185295 said:
    Hi, I have the other two but need the cranky fish...I have the piece of paper but when I use the eye of the manatee with it Guybrush says there's something written on it but it's too small to read. What is the red lens? I can't get the special bait yet and there aren't any books at the library that Guybrush can ask for...help!
    Never mind, I found the lens :)
  • Well? Were do I find the well for my bait?
  • Well? Were do I find the well for my bait?

    Explore the jungle, you'll find it !
  • try hopping on your main ship . It look by the Rock of Gelato
  • when i try to put the bird into the chest they turn around and say to me not to put anything into the chest. What am i doing wrong?
  • You're on the right track, but with the way they're standing, if you have them just turn around one of them can still see you move. You'll have to fix that first.
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