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Looking Back at Your Childhood

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I was just wondering if any of you remember being terrified by something in the media (books, video games, TV show, music....) or if there was some..thing that influenced your childhood.

As for me, I remember being afraid of that Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. The below image especially.


Other than that, for some reason smiley faces have always scared me, along with the Mr. Yuck. Watching back short episodes of Noseybonk, they have also been very creepy to watch.

One of my earliest instances of being scared was Christmas, when I was about 3. I was playing some Batman game on the computer, when I decided it would be a good idea to turn the volume up the highest possible level. That scared the heck of out me.

The three instances of something memorable would be as follows.
There was a very weird puzzle-solving book of my youth. They were all logic problems for pre-schoolers focused around a ear-muff wearing scientist.

The second is a GoldenBooks publication about a boy who's afraid of storms, so he runs away to the lighthouse. If anybody knows the name of this book, I've forgotten the name of this. Any help would be appreciated.

The last is watching Courage the Cowardly Dog. The episode with the tornado came into my dreams, creating the scariest possible combination of storms and Strega Nona.

So, what do you remember from your childhood?
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    Although maybe I was right to be afraid of him as a little boy...
  • Fealiks;194420 said:
    I can't remember anything specific terrifying me, but I know that Monkey Island played a huge part in my childhood :p
    I'd definitely have to second that one. *edit added* Come to think of it, anyone remember Watership Down...


    Scared the pants off me when I was little.
  • Ringu terrified me at a rather young age(9/10) and has continued to do so ever since. So much so that I actually walked out of the Grudge remake because the loft/hair scene right at the start reminded me so much of it. :p

    Dolly Dearest also made me rather uneasy as a child, particularly when she is hiding beneath the kitchen table and slices the father's Achilles tendon with a knife and he crumples to the floor.
  • I had nightmares about Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers.

    The movie about the troll with the green thumb? I think it was something like "A Troll in Central Park", that scared me for some reason.
  • Infested Kerrigan from starcraft scared the crap outta me once.

    ...Come to think of it, why was I allowed to PLAY Starcraft?
  • Screamers. My first one was the "what's wrong with this room" screamer. I remember it like it was yesterday
    [flashback] I was minding my own business, playing Banjo-Tooie, when my sister was checking her email and was look for what was wrong. I hear a scream, and instead of seeing my sister on the floor scared to death, she was LAUGHING(which was normal for her) I still young thought it was something like a man naked from the shower seeing us and screaming, and well, SHE SHODE ME, and I was scared to go into the computer room, she left and left the screamer thing on and every minute he would scream and could be heard through the entire house and I wanted to play Banjo. I was to scared to go and click the X incase he would scream again. So what I did was close my eyes, plug my ears, and use my sense of touch for the volumne switch. I found it, turned down the volume, and now it was quiet, I open my eyes to click the X and the moment I clicked, he screamed again. She kept the email and showed her friends and NOT me. Funny, how many years ago this was and how vivd a memory it was. also there was a screamer on, when.
  • When I was little, I used to watch Are u Afraid of the Dark? on nickelodeon. One of them literally made me afraid of the dark for a while (few months, at least). The demon/zombie thing that appears about 3 minutes in freeked me out (though you get a good look at him towards the end of the episode).
  • GaryCXJk;194577 said:

    Don't tell me this wasn't the cause of your fears for clowns.

    Pie-throwing bastard.
    Oh Jesus Christ, yes. I hate hate HATE Pennywise.

    There was this Childrens BBC program that was written by Russell T. Davis (the guy behind the Doctor Who relaunch) called Century Falls which terrified me. Freaky kids, weird psychic powers, bizzarre cults - all in an afternoon timeslot. Brrr.
  • Evan;194396 said:
    Watching back short episodes of Noseybonk, they have also been very creepy to watch.
  • The Stuff (old, cheap and very cheesy movie) used to really scare me.

    I found Antheads (awesome Amiga game, sequel to It Came from the Desert) really scary as well.
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