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Shipping Questions

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A few questions about shipping (as I'd hope you could surmise from the title):

Having purchased most of your games, I've received Sam & Max Season 1's DVD in the mail. I've held off on Season 2 and was considering waiting on Wallace and Gromit after it comes out for the sole reason that I'm in penny-pincher-mode and while I'd love to have them on my shelf, I can certainly wait until better financial times to shell out the shipping for a product that I can easily download from the website (minus the great features). I guess my questions are
1) can I wait indefinitely and whenever I'm ready (months, years) just have you send them to me (after providing my purchase codes)?
2) if I were to have several sent at once, wouldn't that cut down on the shipping cost?
3) for the Monkey Island DVD special edition, would I have to claim it immediately when the DVDs are released or is there a holding period or what?
4) would you include alternate slip cases in addition? (the non-collector's for monkey island? i'm not sure if there are new cases for the Sam & Max games now that they've been renamed)

I'd like finish by saying that most of these are idle musings and I'm not overly concerned with any, but I figured I'd get a better understanding of your shipping policies and pass the time at work while there's nothing else to do.
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