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Lucasarts - Monkey Island 5 for reals?

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So, apparently, Lucasarts are due to announce a brand new game title, which goes "back to their roots". With new president Daryll Rodriguez, who is said to be a huge adventure game fan, i'm putting my money on a brand new original Monkey Island title. The reason for this? Simples, both Lucasarts and telltale have created Monkey Island mania recently. LA have released the Mi:SE and telltale are weening us back on guybrush's teet with Tales. We are hooked and i think it's a no-brainer that LA will make a bundle on this as they've started the renaissance of adventure gaming and MI is hot property at the moment.

All the old titles have been made available via Steam downloads and we are all feeling the point and click nostalgia. We've got the fever, and they can finally make a profit on this once dying genre. Not only that but these games we love so much are finding new homes on an increasing amount of platforms. The Wii's wand system supports point and click interface and we've already seen games like Broken Sword and Zack and Wiki, which not only appeal to existing fans but are drawing in a new audience. Combine that with telltales contribution of their titles to WiiWare and we can see it an obvious choice to cater for an all new title from LA. MI:SE has been released on XBOX LIVE so, again, console gamers are getting sucked into the world of pointing and clicking, it can only be a good thing!

There's no better way to kick off the resurgence of adventure games than an all new MI title, it's the logical choice. We get what we've dreamed off for the last 10 years since the release of the last "true" Monkey Island, and Lucasarts make a bundle by cashing in on Guybrush fever. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to cash in on this, i'm just saying that now it's profitable, it will happen sooner or later.

Even if this big announcement that's got me so excited isn't Monkey Island 5, it's going to be awesome either way as we could be getting an all new adventure game altogether, or maybe Grim Fandango 2?

Your thoughts?
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