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Purchased the game for PC, but want to play it on the Xbox

posted by Eivind on - last edited - Viewed by 116 users

I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island as soon as I heard about the excitement news of a new game. Unfortunately my PC is voodoo cursed, or my gfx card is of an old make, so I am not able to play it. But I do have a Xbox 360, and wonder if there is any chance I could "transfer" my PC purchase to an xbox purchase.

Thanks for any answer
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  • If I haven't overlooked anything, ToMI isn't even anounced for the XBox yet, so this might prove difficult.

    I know it sounds radical, but can't you just exchange your graphics card for a newer one?

    If that's not possible, Telltale has in the past refunded the price of ToMI for people who (for whatever reason) couldn't get it to work.

    P.S. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers? What card do you own?
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