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Have I payed or not?

posted by ConfusedJon on - last edited - Viewed by 321 users
Hello I have just purchased the complete season of Sam and Max from your website, well I think I have. Well anyway after proceeding to the checkout and entering my credit card details, I have been sent an email with the following below.

"Thank you for ordering from Telltale Games. Your order has been entered and is awaiting payment. Your order will not be available or shipped until payment has been received and processed. If you have already made the transfer, please ignore this message."

"When making payment you will need to provide your bank with the following information, in the currency requested. The payment will be processed by Global Collect on our behalf."

I'm a little confused on what this regards have I payed or not, I'm unfamiliar with internet shopping so hopefully you can shed some light on this for me. I payed with wireless transfer and entered my card details and am hoping that payment details have already been taken of.

Thanks for your time

Jonathan Chapman
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  • Hi Jonathan,

    You selected to pay with a wire transfer, which means you're then supposed to contact your bank and authorize them to send the payment.

    It sounds like you meant to pay with a credit card? If yes, I can cancel this order so you can try again. The wire transfer button is under the credit card button (along with PayPal) so you may have hit the wrong thing accidentally.
  • Thank you for the reply I understand where I went wrong now. If you can cancel it for me that would be fantastic. Is there any information you need so that you can cancel that order?

    Thanks again

  • The order has been canceled, so you can go ahead and try again. :)
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