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Problems checking out

posted by gniv on - last edited - Viewed by 825 users
I seem to have all sorts of problems when trying to buy the season 1 package. Yesterday, after filling out the CC information, I got an error message saying that the info is invalid. Today I can't even get to the checkout page, DigitalRiver seems to be down.

I sent e-mail to support and got back only an automated message.

Any other way of buying the package? Any phone number I can call?
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  • Digital River's server should be back up now.
  • I've tried 7 times to get my order processed, frankly I think I'll hold out until there is a retail box edition. I can't be doing with putting my CC details at risk through a clearly inept transations company.
  • I ve been trying to check out for the best part of one hour, and it isn't working! :(

    I've had enough now, and will not attempt to do it again.:mad:
    I wonder how many sales will be lost due to this problem.

    Oh, and just wondering, but why doesn't your checkout system require the 3digit security number on the back of every card? This is the only online purchase I (tried to) made that does not require this.
  • Maybe it's a Europe only thing?

    I'm waiting to see if I get charged 8 times for something I haven't been delivered. I called My CC company and they said they'd been approached for 8 transactions from Digital river, however it will take a few days to determine whether they get processed. Meanwhile I've no emails or anything. Unbelievable...all I want to do is pay and play...
  • I'm having the same problem. I'm stuck on the "Thank you for your order. Your order is being processed and you will be notified of the result shortly." page.

    I just created an account so I could post this, and I'm hoping it doesn't somehow end up conflicting with the account I created during purchase. But that's a whole 'nother problem.
  • Hi guys,

    We have had many more reports than normal the past couple of days of the checkout process hanging, and also of people receiving the "Thank you for your order" message instead of a confirmation page with the download buttons you're supposed to see. This is something we are working closely with Digital River to figure out (Doug and I are actually hopping on the phone with them again in about half an hour).

    (To clarify - there was a server outage over the weekend, which is what this thread was originally about. That should now be fixed, but some people are still seeing long delays between when they place the order and when they receive their confirmation email.)

    If you already sent an email to support, you should have received a response with an update on your order status. (If you didn't, please check your spam folder!) If you have NOT sent an email to support, or if you did and you don't see a response in your inbox or spam folder, please send me a PM with your order number (if you have it) or your email address or first/last name so I can look it up and add it to the list of issues we need Digital River to look into. I'll also be able to tell you the status of the order(s). Don't worry, no one will be charged multiple times for something that they only meant to buy once. We'll refund the money if that happens.

    In most cases there is just a delay between when the order is placed and when it gets processed. In a few cases the orders are not going through at all, but for most people it's just a delay of a few hours. Please believe me when we say that we want to make sure everyone's order goes through the way it's supposed to, and we're working very hard right now to make sure this happens. Thanks for your patience.
  • Heck i can't even get to the part where it wants my CC information. I put S&M in my cart, then go to my cart and it tells me I have nothing there!
  • Some firewall software seems to cause this problem, but we haven't been able to replicate it or even figure out why it happens. I'd suggest disabling your firewall for a moment (or any antivirus software that also filters internet traffic), then giving it another try.
  • Secretchimp, take a look at this thread for more info about this problem.
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