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More remakes to come from LucasArts

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LucasArts plans more retro remakes
LucasArts' president Darrell Rodriguez has confirmed that LucasArts will be making many more remakes of games from it's back catalogue, based on the success of Monkey Island: SE.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition was a remake and re-release of one of LucasArts' most loved games, complete with new audio and graphical options. It was released across the PC, Xbox 360 and iPhone and seems to have done well enough that LucasArts is now ramping up production of other remakes.

"We plan to do much more of this, both on Steam and iPhone and other platforms in the future," Rodriguez told

Rodriguez also unveiled that next week will see the re-release of the Jedi Knight series over Steam, expanding on the selection of retro games that are currently available on Steam in their original form.

Rodriguez also commented that LucasArts had definitely considered making sequels to some of the under-represented games, such as Fate of Atlantis and Grim Fandango.

"One of the great opportunities working here is to be able to meet some of the legends--to meet Tim Schafer, to meet Larry Holland (X-Wing, TIE Fighter), to meet Dave Grossman or Ron Gilbert ," he teased. "Wouldn't it be great to work with them on new things?"

Most of those folks famously left LucasArts a while back though when it became clear that the company wasn't much interested in anything but Star Wars games. Gilbert is currently working on DeathSpank for Hothead Games, while Grossman continues the Sam and Max and Monkey Island games at TellTale Games and Schafer is about to release Brutal Legend from his own studio, Double Fine.
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