Whats your most hated character?

It can be from the comic,show or game

My most hated character in Andrea from the show! She was so annoying

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  • Bonnie. No contest.

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    Show: Andrea. Not only was she a comic-adapted character that changed for the worse (unlike Hershel or Carol), she was also just written incredibly poorly. Some of the things they made her do were just downright stupid at times. It's hard to find sympathy for her when it takes the entire back half of season three for her to realize "hmm, maybe the Governor isn't as nice as he seems."

    I can get behind her being a bit brainwashed and entranced by the Governor (developing feelings for him and what such), but CHRIST, how much shit do you have to watch him do before you figure out this guy's actually an asshole? He backstabbed Merle and forced him to fight to the death with his brother, had a room full of heads, had his zombie daughter chained up, and yet she still thought "Well, maybe he's willing to negotiate with Rick and not just kill them! Right? Right?"

    Comic: Chris (the little shit that was with Tyreese's daughter) and Gregory. Chris is a stuck-up cowardly piece of shit. Gregory is a cowardly piece of shit that has his head all the way up his ass. Can't say I feel bad for how either of them ended up.

    Game: Danny St John. He's just about the only character that I do not like at all. Even characters like Larry or Troy have some funny/entertaining dialogue that make up for a lack of redeeming qualities, but Danny has none of that. I killed him without hesitation, and that's one of the only choices I don't regret in some way.

    Novel: Sam the butcher in The Road to Woodbury. He extorted a bunch of people out of their shit, and killed Josh for standing up to him peacefully. And to add insult to injury, he killed him when his back was turned.

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    Nah, just kidding.

    Seriously though, Kenny. I would hate Danny St. John & Carver more, but at least they weren’t obnoxious creator’s pets.

    Kenny is really the only character I hate who isn’t a blatant “villain” like Crawford or Carver. Like, I sympathized with literally every character besides villains & Kenny. That includes the Stranger, Arvo, Vernon, Larry, Lilly, Bonnie, Jane…

  • I hate the St John's Brothers so much

    btw Welcome back @NateTheGreat987 :D How was your vacation? :)

  • How was your vacation? :)

    Very great! Thanks for asking

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    I hate the St John's Brothers so much btw Welcome back @NateTheGreat987 How was your vacation?

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    I don't hate him, but I dislike Kenny. The only character to ever get on my nerves.

  • You'll be hearing this a lot, but Kenny.


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  • Bonnie, with Arvo a close second.

  • Hmmmm.... Jane

  • Michele. She wasted our plucky comic relief.

  • Arvo. He really fucked up. Tsk tsk.

  • I am glad that someone mentioned her. She was super annoying.

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    Michele. She wasted our plucky comic relief.

  • Tavia. I know there are more prominent characters to hate; like Troy (who is just waaaaaaay over the top with his "villain-ess that he's not even worth hating) but I cannot stand Tavia. The few short seconds when she was on screen just grated on my nerves.

  • Definetly Jane. She is annoying and selfish.

  • Governor in the comics..... I'm not current enough to know what Negan been doing.

  • Bonnie and Troy.

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    Game: Arvo

    Comic: Governor

    Show: Gareth

  • Arvo... Kenny should've used the "shitbird" on him instead of Ben.

  • Arvo and Mike are on my kill list right now. Others are dead and I don't hate dead, no point.

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    this motherfucker riGHT HERE

  • Clem's hat, if it wasn't for that bastard Lee wouldn't have got bitten.

  • I know, fuck that knife that killed one of the most beautiful souls in The Walking Dead!

    Turned against it's own master... Disgraceful.

    this motherfucker riGHT HERE

  • Arvo. I hope we'll never ever see him again.

  • From:

    The game: Larry

    The comics: Negan/The governor

    The show: Carl

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  • Lilly, Bonnie, Jane, Arvo.

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    I know, fuck that knife that killed one of the most beautiful souls in The Walking Dead! Turned against it's own master... Disgraceful.

  • Arvo or mike...plus Bonnie.

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    What's the problem with Mike? He seemed like an OK guy to me.

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    Arvo or mike...plus Bonnie.

  • Mike can be forgiven, but I don't think Bonnie or Arvo will be forgiven.

    What's the problem with Mike? He seemed like an OK guy to me.

  • Don't you wanna kill him?

    Arvo. I hope we'll never ever see him again.

  • Don't you dare troll on us!!!!!!!!!

    I know, fuck that knife that killed one of the most beautiful souls in The Walking Dead! Turned against it's own master... Disgraceful.

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    Don't you dare troll on us!!!!!!!!!

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    I know, fuck that knife that killed one of the most beautiful souls in The Walking Dead!

    Turned against it's own master... Disgraceful.


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    Normally I don't hate characters in the game, but merely dislike them and still find some good qualities in them. But as for Season 2, I hated S2 Kenny, Carver, and Troy.

    S1 Kenny was tolerable and I had a begrudging respect for him in spite of butting heads with him most of the time in the first season, but S2 Kenny was terrible and had contributed to the decline of the season's quality thanks to the writer's suspicious attachment to him, which overshadowed the entire Cabin Group cast in their own story. I don't believe that his return was a mistake, but his portrayal and how he influenced the story definitely was, and I didn't care for the narrative continuously trying to justify or 'cop-out' his actions by presenting him in a more tragic yet heroic light when his actions ended up causing trouble for everyone on the long run.

    As for Carver and Troy, not only were they badly written and one-dimensional villains, they were wasted potential that could have helped explore the more morally grey areas in a zombie apocalypse. Carver's role could have introduced a darker side to the Cabin Group through the murder of George, and how he's a firm believer of 'survival of the fittest' in a more subtle direction rather than just throw a one armed man off the roof over berries of all things. As for Troy his presence in EP2 was more mysterious considering how he never spoke a word, making you think what his motivations were and how strong his loyalty is to Carver. Instead we got two villains who would fit just right in a South Park episode, since they exist purely to do evil things and remind the player that they're evil.

    Honourable mentions also goes to Jane, who is basically another character who overshadows the majority of the cast in spite of appearing halfway through the season. My main problem is how she's supposedly presented as an experienced and pragmatic survivor, and yet almost every action she makes are either counterproductive and risks people's lives or wildly hypocritical and goes against what she supposedly believes in. The most infuriating part is how easily her actions gets slipped under the radar and are never brought to light: she's never called out for her actions that causes Arvo and his group to ambush Clementine's group, and no one brings up how her offer to Luke ends up distracting him from his duties and potentially gets a young girl needlessly killed. She's basically an anti-Kenny, but for all the wrong reasons in terms of writing.

  • Nah, my Clem ain't a cold-blooded killer. I would have killed him in a firefight though, but he just ran off. So let him be.

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    Don't you wanna kill him?

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    I don't exactly hate these characters but I surely had my issues with them:

    Michelle- Well, this one I actually DO dislike. Called Lee-freaking-Everett a bozo. Unacceptable. Killed Omid too. Goddammit.

    Carver - What a disappointment! The guy had an amazing build-up; everyone were saying what a dangerous and intelligent man he was. When I actually met him for the first time, he made a great impression. His polite, eerily observant manner of approaching Clementine gave me chills. ... and then in ep3, it turns out he's just like any other cardboard cut-out villain with little to no redeeming qualities at all. I saw none of the charm I witnessed earlier and I failed to see why he was called smart. I just saw an over the top power hungry jackass with the same old "strong vs weak" agenda throwing a fit over berries. I am disappoint.

    Molly - I kind of like her but at the same time she’s one of my least favorites. Purely because of the action-hero tropes. Abrasive for the sake of being snarky, flippancy about her actions that you can’t call her out for, introduction set up in a way that forces two people with guns to walk into melee range to show off her capabilities, etc. She simply pushed my suspension of disbelief. I don’t mean she’s totally unrealistic or something but she felt out of place compared to other characters. For me it seemed like they tried too hard to introduce her as “the badass”. I could have seen that she’s capable with some less glaring examples, thank you.

    Larry - I can understand why he acts like he does and I don't hate him but, again, I think they went a bit too far with it. He seemed too much like the obligatory a-hole of the group and his hatefulness felt too unreasonable for me. I like it that you can't make him like Lee but, damn, it's like he's just deliberately being a douche 99% of the time.

    Then there's the funny one:

    S2 Kenny & Jane - I have a love-hate thing with Kenny and he's actually one of my favorite characters because of it. However, like RichWalk23 said, I had problems with how they utilized him in S2. I'm glad that someone from S1 made a comeback and was happy to have him back but I just felt like he overshadowed the new cast in ways which hurt the overall story. It didn't help that his character arc was pretty much a repeat from S1 (though I must say the ending where you end up with him was very good, very emotional).
    Jane... well, I liked her at first and I think she makes a better "badass" than Molly but, like with Kenny, I had issues with how the character was used. I was annoyed how the game pretty much forced me to bond with her in such a short time and threw other potential candidates under the bus. Luke for example. It seemed like they decided to replace him with her or something. Didn't work for me since there were plenty of times when I was like: "Seriously game? I don't want to spend time with her again. Just let me have a word with Luke about Nick and discuss with Mike who I barely know anything about etc."

  • Why not just shoot him in the legs and let the walkers kill him?

    Nah, my Clem ain't a cold-blooded killer. I would have killed him in a firefight though, but he just ran off. So let him be.

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    Jane. Honorable mention goes to the Stranger.

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