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Kind of a big plot hole since EMI... fix telltale?

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What ever happened to LeChuck's demonic Army of the Damned? I mean the two pirates from CMI (with the "big boned" one), Murray, and Bob are all some of the funniest MI characters. Could we at least get a "Meanwhile... Under Monkey Island..." and have them all on the ship wondering where LeChuck is and why he hasn't come back?

I miss those guys...
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  • I hate to break it to you guys, but Bob has been dead since SOMI, Murray since CMI... but Bob could've been [Spoiler]'rootbeered' by Guybrush[/Spoiler]

    Although good point, what did happen to all of LeChuck's army? They can't have all been [Spoiler]buried by the explosion at Big Woop[/Spoiler].
  • Yeah they all weren't under the monkey head. And also the monkey head survived. I mean frankly EMI should have had carnival wreckage everywhere, but then again we all know how I feel EMI isn't part of the series. Monkey Kombat, Robots, Starbucks, Planet Threepwood, Pink boat, American Elaine, Melee Island that didnt look like Melee Island, LUA BAR.


    Dont even get me started on how we've been through the monkey head over two times and never was there a robot and then oen just appears, appearing to have completely ignored the fact that all games before it had it leading to catacombs. You think guybrush would remember walking through a giant robot to get to the catacombs.

    *calm down*
  • DeLuca;198443 said:
    You think guybrush would remember walking through a giant robot to get to the catacombs.
    :D Made me laugh soo much
  • But the giant monkey head is not the same head that the giant monkey robot has.
    So I think that in SMI and CMI we enter the giant monkey head through a passage that leads to the lava river and the catacombs, but in EMI, since we open the giant monkey head by making the Ultimate Insult with it, not with the cotton swab -and previously we did something moving lava from one place to another-, we enter the giant monkey head and we go through another passage (previously noy visible, now opened) who leads to the giant monkey robot, somewhere under the giant head, not the giant head itself.

    I say, it's as if the giant monkey head is a door that leads to two different corridors depending which key you use to open it.
  • Possibly, Kenobi, but it doesn't matter because EMI doesn't count.

    I mean... what game?
  • DeLuca;198456 said:

    I mean... what game?
    Its called:

  • we cannot deny EMI ever existed! how could mankind ever learn from its mistakes?
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