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I found Stan!

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Saw this on my way to work... it made my day

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  • I hope that it's not previously owned fish and burgers...
  • haydenwce27;197244 said:
    I hope that it's not previously owned fish and burgers...
  • I made a similar thread a while ago I'll just move to here what's relevant.
    Paco Vink;134807 said:
    Ok, gather around the campfire for this here story. Last summer I was in Lopburi, one of the oldest cities in Thailand. Anyway this city was quite bizarre. In the city centre there was this old temple where hundreds of monkeys were living. I was told that on some days in the year the monkeys disappear completely and are nowhere to be found. And then all of a sudden they return.
    Sounds almost like a plot for one of the new Monkey island chapters, huh?
    Anyway when I entered a restaurant, I saw this:
    That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen in Lopburi!
    Paco Vink;134826 said:
    I don't know anything about these missing monkeys. I swear. I just want to warn you!
    Beware of the monkeys! They are listening. And they'll eat your finger if you don't watch out.
    (Picture taken on Poda Island, Thailand)
    Irishmile;135791 said:
    My grandparents have a house on this big lake and there are little islands scattered on it... One of the Islands is known as Goat Island because a woman kept her goats there instead of putting them in a fence so they had a nice little island to live on, trees, grass, water, even a little beach.... In the summer it was fun as a kid to take a row boat and explore the little islands... In fact I should do that with my kids sometime soon.

    Actually the woman would boat the goats on the Island and they had the thing all to themselves... Unfortunately... or maybe fortunately I dunno the DNR put an end to it many years ago.

    Over the weekend.... I was visiting my grandparents for the fourth of July festivities and feeling adventurous and a little nautical because of all this MI madness I talked my brother in law into taking the single sail sail boat out on the water.... The thing is small but you still need two people to get the thing moving.... any way I decided to take a picture of Goat Island that I had mentioned in my earlier posts..... The Island no longer has the goats living on it that gave it its name but it does have a rather large black bear living there and a family of eagles..... I didnt spot the bear this trip but I did get a picture of mamma eagle in the second pic near the top of the tree... I got some of her babies but they are impossible to spot because baby eagles do not have the white heads like the adults do so they blend in with the trees.... She kept an eye on us the whole time. The picture really doesn't do her justice she was huge and this picture makes her look small.

    and YAR!!! those be storm clouds and it did rain that day...



    These next ones are not to incriminate anyone...
    hangedman1984;134983 said:
    Once, In a game of dungeons and dragons, my character wound up in possession of a human skull, so I started carrying him around and named him murray
    Irishmile;134937 said:
    I once walk around the whole day telling people I wanted to be a pirate
  • bobdevis;197182 said:
    There is actually a Monkey Island Hotel

    I wander if they have a special name for the mini-bar there .... :)

    So anyway there IS a real Monkey Island and it is here.
    Monkey Island has been one of England’s best-kept secrets for centuries. Originally used by monks [...]
  • well there is a monkey island in malaysia :D any of you going to malaysia soon should check it out

    link to monkey island here and here
  • kasser33;198333 said:
    well there is a monkey island in malaysia :D any of you going to malaysia soon should check it out

    link to monkey island here and here
    That's nice. :)


    A four headed monkey! :D
  • SupahFly;198341 said:
    That's nice. :)


    A four headed monkey! :D
    Did you take this photo?
  • I live in Maidenhead and unfortunately Monkey Island isn't that interesting. But there is or certainly used to be a hairdressers in Windsor called Murray's that had a skull and crossed scissors for it's logo.
  • doodo!;198342 said:
    Did you take this photo?
    It was somewhere on the first site.
  • there is a newly opend bar in my town. i cant rember what it is called but its along the lines of scrum bar or somthing. i hadto doubletake for obvious reasons.

    on kind of diffrent note (but i guess this is the best place to but it) about 7 years ago (give or take a yesr or two) i was up in a place called the new forrest ( england) camping for the week end. me and my buddies went exploring around the place. we came to the edge of a pretty crappy swamp where we found an old tire and crap and sum1 had nailed a bit of a cardboard cuppcake box to the tree. written on the back( i swear to god) was ' to the ghost pirate le chuck, we must ask you again to keep you nightly activitys to the monkey head area, we are trying to sleep- the new forrest cannibals' (i think i got the quote right not sure) i freaked out. was creepy and kool at the same time! none of my friends got the referance apart from me so they didnt know what i was chatting about. i was gunna leave a note to the cannibals but i didnt have any paper of a pen. and i cant remember any other notes just that one becuase of this inccedent. was one of those things that will stick with me for the rest of my life. was really strange
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