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Typical Order Processing Time?

posted by Tyrone Honeybee on - last edited - Viewed by 329 users
Hey Telltale, I order a copy of the Surfin The Highway hardcover on Tuesday, but I noticed today that the order still hasn't been shipped. Any idea on when my order may start winging its way to me?

Order #600021755007182
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  • My order took a few days to actually tell me it had been shipped, but when the message finally came up it turned out it had actually been shipped the day after I ordered it.

    Basically, even though it still says it's processing, it might have actually already been shipped. I think it took 3 or 4 days for the message to come up for me, so hopefully you'll get your message any day soon. :)
  • Hi Tyrone Honeybee,
    I checked out your order and it looks like it shipped back in July. If you haven't received it by now, it's been eaten.

    I will reship for you. But first, can you send a ticket in to [email][/email] and confirm your address for me?

    Thanks so much.
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