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ToMI Ep1 stopped working

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I'm opening a new thread because I think that my problem is different to those already posted.

I have Tales of Monkey Island Episode I installed and got it to work properly. I've played through the beginning of the game, got to the island without problems and explored the jungle to the point where I found the hole in the ground on the Treasure Site.

When I later returned to the Treasure Site using the World Map, the game crashed with no message, just the standard Microsoft "send report" dialogue. Then, when I tried to restart the game, it crashed instantly when I clicked "Launch Game" on the Telltale starter. I haven't been able to get it working since. I restarted my computer and that didn't help. I used Hashcheck as suggested in other threads and it found no problem.

I'm on Windows XP and used the latest Direct X updates that came with the game. I don't think DirectX can be the problem as the game worked properly already. I think the savegame is messed up because the game loads your current savegame when it starts and might crash because the save is invalid.

What can I do?
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  • If it really is the savegame/config, you could try looking at the Telltale folder inside your My Documents folder. It contains config and savegames. Just find the one for ToMI and rename it.
  • Okay, I renamed the autosave, and now I got into the menu where I could load my regular savegame and continue playing.
    Maybe this wouldn't be all that bad if the game wouldn't load the current savegame when starting. It would be easier to avoid broken savegames if you have to choose the savegame to load yourself on start-up. Of course this is not going to change anything now but as a general idea for the future it could be a method to avoid bugs more easily.
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