Something to make you happier

I don't know if this will make you happier. But it could be considered headcanon.

Okay, so we know that The Walking Dead video game series is canon with the comicbook universe. In the video game series, Lee dies and Clementine is left alone by the end of Season 1.

However the television show is not canon with the video game series, due to differing events. Therefore it could be entirerly possible that things worked out better. Larry may not have died. Lilly may still be running things. Lee could be in a romance with Carley, whilst Clementine is alive. Kenny could still be with Katjaa and Duck. There's nothing to say otherwise, since many of the characters in the television show (Rick, Andrea, Tyreese, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, etc.) exist in the comic book universe - The same can occur with the game and show.

I'm not saying the show will feature Clementine and Lee, though a crossover has been something that Kirkman has said would be "always open for us". However "whether or not we step through it remains a big question". Not only that but showrunner, Scott Gimple is "a huge fan of that game series". It's always possible.

But if you're ever sad about the events that occurred in Season 1 and that Clementine is alone. Just remember in the television show, things may have played different. It's a nice thought at least.


  • ...what?

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    Larry may not have died.

    Hell No, he was dead meat the moment he stepped foot on the farm, Saltlicks can detect assholes and he was pretty high up on the Asshole Meter....


    (If you don't get why I'm acting this's because I'm a Saltlick...The one that crushed his head.... :P)

    But aside from the Larry thing, interesting post :)

  • Larry may not have died.

    How can this make anyone happy?

  • Thank You!

    Someone else gets it :)

    (And probably many more people too....)

    Larry may not have died. How can this make anyone happy?

  • ...I'd be ok with it :/

    Larry may not have died. How can this make anyone happy?

  • Wait, I'm confused. You're saying there could be alternate versions of Clem & Lee in the show, like how each medium (TV/comic/game) has different versions of Lilly?

  • Lily lovers are out there...(I'm not one of them.)

    Larry may not have died. How can this make anyone happy?

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