Benevolence: The Journey Chapter 1 (Story) Mature Content

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Shiloh just an ordinary 9 year old Boy wishes His Father would Be with Him and His Mother to celebrate Shiloh's 10th birthday, However after promising His Son that He would be there for Shiloh's special day Shiloh's Father's Boss tells Him He must take over a former employees place or risk Being fired. So His Father writes Shiloh a letter and sends it to Him. it arrives on Shiloh's 10th Birthday after School Shiloh rushes Home to See His Father but as luck would have it Shiloh's Father is nowhere to be seen. So His Mom gives Him the letter and a Gift sent from His Dad, Inside the letter's contents read's:

"My dearest Shiloh I am unable to come Home on Your special day, However I am entrusting You with a special Gift. I want You to take extra care of this for it means a lot to Our Family. Be good for Your Mother while I am away I love You a lot and miss You greatly love Dad".

As Shiloh reads tears pour down His cheeks, as He goes to open His Gift inside is a Compass made of Brass with the letter D engraved on the Top. Angrily Shiloh sneaks out of the House and tells Himself,

"Certainly if Father can stay away from Home so can I".

And with that Shiloh heads downtown towards a Pawnshop, In hopes of selling the Compass for some pocket money. However as the Pawnbroker looks at it He refuses to accept, Stating the condition of the Compass is to worn for it to be of any value. And with that Shiloh heads out towards the Park throwing the old Compass into the trash and sitting on a swing. (thinking to Himself)

"I would do anything if I could just have one great adventure like My Father".

And with that soon He gets up out of the swing, kicking the dirt from beneath His feet. The sky becomes incredibly overcast with dark Clouds, Shiloh starts heading towards the Parks pavilion but seeing a few of the Children with their Fathers brings a tear to Shiloh's eye. Shiloh leaves and makes haste for Home when the Rain begins to pour, Shiloh heads for the nearest Tree, Taking shelter from the now pouring Rain. However while under the Tree Lightening strikes A Branch causing it to hit Shiloh in the head knocking Him unconscious.

After waking from being hit over the head by a branch, Shiloh realizes He is no longer in the safety of the Park and seems to have lost His bearings. As Shiloh treks through the thick woods rain continues to pour violently on Shiloh as He gets soaked and begins hearing voices echoing the many leaves of the Trees, With weakness from hunger setting in Shiloh insists on finding shelter from the near endless rainfall and some well needed food.

After a bit of walking in the woods Shiloh's knee gives in and He tumbles down the fresh muddy hill, He insists he's to keep going and spots an old Cabin with night approaching fast and his Stomach growling Shiloh makes haste to enter in search for food and shelter. After helping Himself to some cake and milk that had been tucked away in the Cabins refrigerator, Shiloh stumbles upon a flashlight in the cabinet and soon He trips over an old nearly worn book-bag which He gladly also takes as Shiloh figures it may just come in handy. Soon Shiloh hears what appears to be crying coming from the closet, As Shiloh opens the closet he notices its a young Girl that had been crying as She had been locked away in the closet on purpose by the owner of the Cabin. Shiloh and the Girl converse for a bit and Shiloh is told by the Girl that Her name is Destiny a rather shy 6 year old Girl with long Straight Brown hair, Blue eyes, and a few Freckles. She tells Shiloh She's been kidnapped by a crazy man, soon the Man in question arrives Home in His truck With a Rifle in his hand, Shiloh and Destiny quickly and quietly sneak out of the Cabin undetected.

Shiloh and Destiny spot a police car pulling up to the driveway and Shiloh grabs Destiny by Her hand as They hide behind some Bushes as the Cop gets out of the vehicle and Vanishes out of Sight. Giving Shiloh and Destiny a chance to escape, A bit later a gunshot is heard by the Children from a distance. Several hours after Having left the Warmth and danger of the Cabin Shiloh and Destiny find to their surprise they are now lost within the Forest, Not only cold and hungry but also In near complete darkness. As crackling Leave's and noises are heard while walking in the woods scared and frightened Destiny take's Shiloh by the hand as They are determined to make Their way through the forest with only The little Flashlight that Shiloh had taken from the Cabin to guide them.

Shiloh decides this just could be His chance to embark on a Journey just like His Father, So He agree's to Help Destiny find Her missing Parents and return Her to safety while evading this mysterious Killer.

The storm returns at full force once again, Forcing the lost Children to seek shelter within an old long since abandoned cavern like mine, With only the glow of the little flashlight. However a mysterious demonic creature known as Deimos supposedly haunts the site devouring all who enter the Mines deepest dark belly. Destiny and Shiloh use the flashlight that shiloh had taken from the Cabin earlier in hopes to get to the other side of town from within the mine after awhile of walking Shiloh gets a sudden sense of overwhelming danger, as He can feel a presence watching Their every move in the mine. As they reach a wide gap Shiloh makes a bridge using an old ladder found in the mine, Holding it for Destiny as She makes it across the gap. Soon it's Shiloh's turn and as He is walking across the ladder it comes loose as He loses His foothold causing Shiloh to nearly fall to His death.

As He climbs back up the ledge He drops the small flashlight in the process, This commotion in turn attracts a wild beast to Their location as it snarls and growls from Behind Them. Thinking the legends are true Shiloh and Destiny make haste running out of the mine after realizing the compass seems to be glowing leading Them towards the Exit. However the Children aren't in the clear yet as They must Cross a narrow rickety bridge that hasn't been used in years to get towards the Light leading out of the Mines.
The light from the moon outside peering in through a crack in the ceiling of the mine reveals the mysterious creature to be that of a black Bear with glowing red eye's, "Don't be scared My precious Children" replies the Bear "I will make sure Your death's are both quick and painless as Your serve to make a Great feast" Snarling and foaming from the mouth the Bear prepares to attack the Children. They quickly begin running across the bridge as fast as Their legs can take Them but Destiny's foot gets caught after a piece of the bridge comes loose, This causes the Bear to get closer to the Children and Shiloh is able to pull Destiny out safely as the Bear begins to cross the middle of the bridge, The Bears weight breaks apart the bridge sending the Bear to its doom and Shiloh and Destiny hanging on for dear life. Eventually climbing out and exiting the mine safely They soon sigh in relief realizing that They had survived the encounter with the almighty Beast of legend, And come to realize that this new world is filled with many danger's that are beyond Their control and that They must stick together if They are to survive.

After evading certain death and exiting the mine the storm begins to slow up a bit looking out over the hill They can make out what appears to be a lit up City in the distance, Given how high up on the mountain They are They spot a small Town where They trek down the Mountain and enter a small Shop to stock up on supplies as well as meeting with a kind Elderly couple who introduces Themselves as Paul and Cheryl that wish to Help Them. The two Children are ready for continuing the Journey and They are about to leave the Shop with the couple when the Clerk who had caught Shiloh shoplifting His wares using the Backpack He found back at the Cabin confronts the young Boy, But the kind elderly stranger offers to pay for the stolen goods out of His own money asking that the Clerk forgive the young man and leaves with the two Children the Clerk however writes down the Elderly Mans licenses plate and phones the Police anyway.

While inside Paul and His wife Cheryl's car They are talking to the Children asking to know why They need to go into the City as its a dangerous place for those of such young ages, Destiny puts the compass into the Backpack as Sparky the elderly couples brown Dog looks at Her he seems quite content with the Children, Destiny especially its as if He's wanting to protect Her with His life. "Such a cute Dog what is His name?" asks Destiny while stroking His fur, "It's Sparky" replies Paul adjusting the Mirror to see the Children better "Aw that's an adorable Name nice to meet You Sparky" responds Destiny the Dog wag's His tail and barks just then a Car with a blue light on top pulls up behind the Elderly couples Car and pulls over Their vehicle "Man it's the Police darling I told that there clerk not to phone them as I had already paid for Their things" Says a shaken Paul Sparky begins to show growl and show His teeth Destiny whispers to Shiloh "Haven't We seen that Car before Shiloh?" "It looks familiar Destiny" comment's Shiloh realizing They both had seen that Police car Before a gaunt looking Man steps out of the vehicle its the Man from the cabin Now disguised as a police officer He approaches the couples car and Threatens them to give up Destiny, The Children demand the Couple to drive away the elderly Man refuse's to Give up the kids and He and Cheryl are both Shot by the Officer who tells Destiny and Shiloh "there You little runts are, Come Here reaching His arm into the back of the vehicle look what i have stolen off of the Dear old Sheriff" (Laughing) "Who's Your friend lil Girl?" Grabbing at Destiny's Arm and aiming the gun at Shiloh getting ready to shoot Him, Sparky the dog however begins showing His teeth to the Killer as the crazy man reaches over the front seat and unlocks the back door Opening the Door He tells the Kids "I ain't going to ask again, Get out of the Vehicle this is Me being real friendly like" After the Children begin to slide across the seat the Man becomes aggressive violently reaching in and pulling at Shiloh and Destiny's arm, Sparky attacks Him giving the Children enough time to slide across the seat and exit out the other side of the car door Shiloh and Destiny begin running and Shiloh soon trips with Destiny and They slide down a muddy hill after running too fast without glimpsing at it hearing gunshots Followed by whimpering its not Long before Destiny Realizes Sparky had Been Shot "That ought-a teach you Doggie not to mess with an Officer of the law now to Find and kill them little brats" says the Officer in the distance laughing wildly Destiny looks down a little ways pointing towards a Raft out in the water They get onto the raft made of logs and head further towards Their Destination steering clear of the Officers long range spotlight in the distance.

As they drift away on the raft soon Shiloh sees a piece of land and jumps off the Raft landing on solid ground as Destiny begins to follow behind Him however a giant Alligator catches sight of Her and desperately smashes into the raft, This causes it to start moving again with Destiny now trapped Shiloh races to save Her before She and the raft plunges over the upcoming waterfall.

As time Starts to run out the alligator is about to grab Destiny the noise attracts the mysterious Killers attention However and He sees Shiloh about to pull Destiny out of the raft and shoots towards them with a shotgun blast causing some rocks to shift weight causing Destiny to fall back onto the raft and Rocks soon tumble on top of the alligator.

The raft however now dislodged from the fallen rocks seems to pick up speed again and heads closer towards the waterfall while Destiny is still on board just before going over however Shiloh convinces Destiny to drop the Backpack and lodge it under the raft to Stop it for a bit giving Her some time to jump and grab His hand the crazy Man begins crossing the River on His way to grab Destiny she manages to jump on the opposite side of the River as He steps on the raft and Shiloh helps pull Her Up as She does this the Raft Breaks apart knocking the crazy Man down He takes notice of The Book Bag hanging on a log and begins to grab hold of it in an attempt to not fall over the edge, Destiny and Shiloh work together to loosen the Backpack with a stick they had come across Which in turn begins awakening the wounded Alligator which then grabs The Killer and He as well as the backpack with the supplies plummets into the watery depths Below the Waterfall.
As Destiny and Shiloh begin to relax after a frenetic situation The backpack soon Emerges up to the surface and a Stranger pulls it out of the water unzipping the Bag He discovers the compass and looks up just as the Children are seen leaving.

Shiloh steal's a Ticket from a man who is lying on the Ground sleeping and the two board a Train however Destiny soon discovers Her compass is missing and races out of the train in search for it. Thinking she may have dropped it around the Station somewhere She encourages Shiloh to help Her search for it and the two leave the Train, Destiny and Shiloh search a few minutes when suddenly the Train begins to leave the Station and they quickly hop aboard the back of an open storage-container.

Aboard the Train inside the storage container Destiny remembers She had packed the Compass in the backpack earlier and fears She lost it for good and apologizes to Shiloh. while searching the cargo storage Shiloh stumbles upon the same old Man He and Destiny saw lying on the ground at the station as Shiloh glances over at the Man He begins to smile and the mysterious Man soon asks the Kids

"Have Ye seen My Ticket Young uns?"
as He takes a puff of His Cigar, Shiloh and Destiny look at each other and Nod Their heads No,
The Man Not believing Them begins to blow smoke into Their faces soon he peers into His shirt and pulls out a Necklace that the Compass is attached to
"I've seen You two before, and I believe Ye may be looking for Tis"

Holding up the Compass from around his neck laughing.

Destiny replies to the Man saying "Hey that's My Necklace! Give it Back" as She reaches Her hand out to grab it the Man moves it out of Her reach saying in a somewhat mean tone,

"You have something that belongs to Me Don't Ye?"

The old Man demands His ticket back in return for Destiny's precious compass, Shiloh Searches His pockets and Realizes He must have lost the Ticket while They were at the Station and quickly responds to the Man in a sad tone

"I lost it Sir, I am very sorry"

The Old Man angry with the answer demands Shiloh either finds His ticket in exchange for the Compass or else bad Things may happen to the Children. Thinking of what to do the Old man looks back at Destiny and quickly gazes forward again smiling fiendishly, "Well I'm sure We could come to a mutual agreement somehow without any unnecessary violence" says the Stranger

"So if You want thy Precious Compass back and You haven't found Thy ticket yet Give Me the Girl"

Shiloh doesn't accept the agreement the old man has just made which angers the Man, and Shiloh and Him begin to fight aboard the train just as it looks like Shiloh is about to lose and be tossed out the back of the Train Destiny finds the ticket and She demands that He let Shiloh alone or She would toss the Ticket out of the Train Herself this makes the man think as He drops Shiloh down and heads over to Destiny and (Pats Her Head)

"why thanks sweet little girl"


"Why now that I have my ticket this Metal piece of Garbage is of no use to me" As He is about to remove the compass from around His neck to supposedly throw it out of the train Shiloh runs towards the man and grabs for the compass that was attached to the mans neck ripping off the necklace and sending the compass Hurtling to the Floor of the Train this makes the Compass break open and start to Light up, As the light shines brighter and brighter it begins blinding the stranger as He stumbles back and falls off the train into the Mountain pass below Shiloh fixes the broken String and places it around Destiny's Neck once again it is Here where They can see the Upcoming City getting much closer from a distance just before sunrise.

After exiting the Train Just 10 Miles outside the City Shiloh and Destiny are confronted by a man telling them They are Forbidden to Enter the Neon Glitz City of "Benevolence" as The Prosperous Lord Barnes has deemed it Unsuitable for those of innocence and demands any Children who are caught be sacrificed at the alter of the Serpent for this City is known to be part of a Cult Shiloh informs the Man that They are Searching for Destiny's Parents and that They Must Get into the City the Man Makes an offer to Sneak them into the city but in return They must be Completely Silent and remain Hidden in the back of his Wagon at all Cost. The Children Agree and They Learn the Mans Name is Luis. after awhile Luis tells them They Must stay In the Wagon until He comes Back! Then He will Take Them outside the City walls. They Agree but soon While Hiding in the Wagon, Destiny spot's a Woman who looks like Her Mom and Eagerly asks Shiloh if They could Check it Out.

Destiny: "Hey Shiloh I think that I just saw My Mom, Do You Think We could check?"

Shiloh: "OK Destiny but I wanna make sure Were not seen Remember What Luis Said Children Aren't suppose to be Here".

And with that the Two Exit the Safety and Warmth of the Wagon, and go in Search of the Woman in Hopes that Their Journey may be at an End. entering a Bar filled with People dancing and drinking, It is Here where thing's soon are about to go Horribly Wrong.

Shiloh becomes sidetracked with the entertainment in the Bar, Instead of focusing on Destiny and she wanders off to follow the Mysterious Woman all By Herself as She approaches the Woman She begins tugging at the Lady's skirt and calls out "Mother is that You"
the Woman turns around and begins to smile.

Meanwhile Shiloh is enjoying the dancing Woman at the Bar who introduces Herself as Sierra slipping Him a pill that Shiloh mistaken's for a piece of Candy and She mouths the Words "Take it Dear, It'll take Your Breath Away" Shiloh takes the Pill and soon a strange sensation stumbles over Him, As he heads to the restroom and looks at His Reflection in the mirror, To His horror He realizes He has now become an adult man. "What is this, Whats happened to Me"? And runs out of the restroom Sierra recognizes Him telling Him that He is looking much better Now and try's to entice Him to go with Her to the back. Shiloh refuses instead asking her if She had seen a Little Girl just awhile ago and that its Important that He find Her as its his job to protect Her?

Sierra explains to Him that she saw Lord barnes woman Natalie take off with Her just five minutes ago, Shiloh demands She take him to Her and She accepts as They head out of the bar and are about to enter Sierras vehicle to go to Lord Barnes Estate Shiloh spot's Destiny crying in the Backseat of Lord barnes girlfriend Natalie's Car She see's them and reaches out Her hand to Shiloh as lord Barnes girlfriends Car Head straight for Shiloh and Sierra preparing to Hit them.

(To Be Continued)


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