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You know you're obsessed with Monkey Island when....

posted by raycichocki on - last edited - Viewed by 9.4K users
-When you see sword fighting in a movie you wonder if they're going to insult each other with rhyimg comebacks.

-You cringe at the idea of Monkey Kombat

-You think Guybrush is a legit name for your first born son

(add some of your own!)
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  • Lennie Melvin;199547 said:
    Friend: "So I was in town earlier... what's with the weird face?"

    You: "Er nothing really; it's just you reminded me of this thing that happened in Monkey Island..."

    Friend: "You and that game! So, anyway I asked Simon if he wanted to meet up but he said he was busy..."

    You: "You know, that reminds me of a scene in Monkey Island where Elaine says she's washing her hair tonight..."

    Ex-friend: I really don't care about Monkey Island.
  • Lennie Melvin;199634 said:
    - You collect potato chips that look like Monkey Island characters
    Seriously!? I think you're my new best friend. hahaha :)
  • Secret Fawful;199655 said:
    - When you get confused because your college majors don't include "Mighty Pirate".

    "Hi my names Melanie and I major in Mighty Pirating"
  • -When you talk about Monkey Island to the point where your friendly co-workers aren't so friendly.
  • -When you convinced two people to get Tales of Monkey Island

    -When you meet a fellow MI fan and both start talking obsessively about the game that you get people to walk away very slowly.
  • vacacionero;199681 said:
    when you have monkey island theme as your cellphone ringtone (like me...)
    I tried to do this, but stupid tracfone doesn't allow custom ringtones so i recorded it for nothing -_-
  • Shepard;199533 said:
    You say "Papapishu!" when you get hurt.
    ...ya got me. Guilty as charged.

    -when you try to combine random items you have in your pocket, then give up and say "I can't use these things together."
  • MightyThirstyPirate;199780 said:
    -when you try to combine random items you have in your pocket, then give up and say "I can't use these things together."
    or "Like oil and water"
  • -When you set your alarm clock to play the opening theme.

    -When you get really hungry, you start to name off things you'd like and look around to see if they floated by.

    -When your facebook status has read "You fight like a cow" through all of Talk Like a Pirate day.
  • When you gave your girlfriend a cursed diamond ring.
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