"Mira Lied To Me" no I didn't!

So if you eavesdrop on Margaery and Sera during the coronation feast, Margaery will say that she's upset with Mira for dealing with Tyrion Lannister and lying about it. The first time I got this, I totally lied and pretended I had no idea what Tyrion meant so I was impressed by the detail. The second time around I admitted to drinking and dealing w him cuz of family and Margaery gave the same line. Do u think this is an oversight or is Marg upset about lying through omission (not telling her until busted by cersei)


  • It's probably through omission. She and Cersei hate each other and don't try to hide it too much. Cersei getting a laugh out of Maraery's expense thanks to Mira going behind her back no doubt stung, and that type of deception (even if well intentioned) can really sour one's view of you, especially in a cutthroat place such as King's Landing.

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