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  • You know, I really hate when people use these forums


    to advertise

    $$$$$$KOZMIK BOWLING$$$$$$

    things for their


    own uses.

    Why? Or at least put it in the general chat! And turn caps lock off! Trust me. Putting something in all caps
    just turns people away. Or is that just me?

    Oh, and incase you couldn't tell, I'm not going to vote for your video. I am a harsh master, but law deed be dull,
    after all.
  • but its sam and max related because max is in my video. there is a big max costume in the video. and yes i do love my sam and max or i wouldnt have paid 500.00 dollars to make the max costume. and i love steve purcell and everything that is sam and max so please vote for my video.
  • Uhhhhhhh! All lower case now! You can still use appropriate caps! I'm sorry if I came off wrong, but the tone you use is a little demanding, it kind of, although I don't want to, makes me feel like hating you. Which is stupid because I've never met you. Btw I voted for your video now, it's not bad
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