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order failed help

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I tried to order Tales from Monkey Island. It was on sale through the 1st episode for $29.95. I add it to the cart and it is correct. I was also given a coupon code for a free game from Tell Tale. I decided to try out the Texas Hold Em Poker. I added that to the cart. Then I applied my coupon code with success. I had the Tales of Monkey Island game and the Texas Hold Em Poker for $29.95. I chose Paypal for payment. I clicked submit order and it took me to a page with a big button to click to go to Paypal. I clicked the button. It took me to Paypal. I logged in. It asked me to verify my shipping address since I have multiple shipping addresses on file (even though they are all the same). When I clicked "pay", it gave me an error screen and said that if I had arrived at that page from another website, that I should return to that website and restart the process. I proceeded to do that. At this point, though, your site will not recognize my coupon code for the free game (Texas Hold Em). There was an order number attached to the Paypal payment. I checked my Paypal account and no payment was sent but it seems as if your system is thinking that that coupon code has already been used.

Anyways, tried to be specific as I know that techie support people like to know where in your process did the system fail to take money from someone trying to give it to you.

If I were a business owner, I'd want to know so I could fix that.

I checked my Telltale account and the purchases aren't there either so I think its safe to say the order did not go through. However, I'd still like to order and get the free game, which I can't do with the coupon code I have.

Please let me know how it would be easiest to proceed.
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