Dan Connors interview re: digital distribution.

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New article on Telltale's plans to distribute online here;

Distribution Revolution Q&A: Telltale Games

Interesting stuff.

( Thanks for the tipoff 'funcroc' at the adventuregamers.com forum )


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    yeah great article.. if you look at itunes now and digital sales of music.. i think its the right way to go.. another point that dan didnt make is with the internet you are looking at a worldwide market..someone in thailand or south africa or australia(ha had to say it) can buy a game straight away instead of waiting months years or never for a loical publisher to release it.. This is a huge incentive for folks around the world to buy the latest telltale game because they may not have been able to otherwise. Also the connection of gamer and game maker is made a lot closer with this model and that breeds loyalty i think.. If my money that i spend on the bone game is going towards future telltale games im very happy supporting and i think that would also encourage the fans to stop pirating of telltales product
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