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The Unoffically Official Morgan LeFlay Appreciation Thread

posted by BobTGoldfish on - last edited - Viewed by 8.2K users
So yeah.

I'm not going to lie. I am a massive fan of this addition to the the Monkeyverse.

So I'm starting up the Morgan LeFlay Appreciation thread for those of us that are of like mind.

I love the dynamic she brings to the game, and the possibilites.

Was The 'Brush joking when he asked her to sail away with him to pillage and plunder? Who knows? all I know is I think it's going to bug a LOT of people for a month!

I also really dub her character design, something a little more overtly sexual about it, that would usually give her the upper hand over most pirates, but it doesn't faze our favorite mighty Pirate.

though am I the only one that noticed in the opening swordfight that Guybrush made NO offensive strikes, instead only parrying and swatting away morgans incoming attacks.. something I thought was pretty chivalrous.

anyway.. let the discussion begin!
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  • Morgan wears a piece of leather around her neck. I'm guessing it's to protect it from enemy sword slashes. HOORAH
  • rsnicksiv;192427 said:
    Morgan wears a piece of leather around her neck. I'm guessing it's to protect it from enemy sword slashes. HOORAH
    I'm thinking it'd be a great place to attach a leash. WOOF!

    Seriously though, This does seems to Mirror the Guybrush and Elaine first meeting. Guybrush is barely effective, but manages to achieve his goal despite that. Also, I think the original dynamic that brought Elaine to Guybrush is gone. Elaine found Guybrush attractive because he WAS the only weak man on Melee Island. All of a Sudden LeChuck is weak being Human after being a powerful undead pirate for so long. Now Guybrush has come into his own and recognizes his strengths I.E Puzzle Solving, Appearing Weak and Incompetent, and Blindingly Brilliant Luck. I don't think the same attraction is there anymore. Morgan on the other hand is more cocky and views Guybrush more as the ULTIMATE PREY like a hunter stumbling on Big Foot or a Dinosaur. I see Guybrush moving on, and being happy about it.
  • Itchrelief;189032 said:

    RIP Frank Grimes
  • Can we get that avatar of Morgan leFlay and official screenshots/desktop pictures of Morgan LeFlay from TTG through that treasure hunting thing? :D
    I'm using Elaine as an avatar at the moment, but Morgan's SO much yummier... :D
  • I think she will turn on Guybrush and capture him at the end of this episode after working with him. Then, she will help him at the end when she realizes the error of her ways.
  • Morgan is totally the star of Chapter 3. People that love her will love her more and people that hate her will hate her more.
  • I got the BEST screen shot of Morgan and Guybrush! :)

    I think they look soooo cute together! :)
  • Oh. My. GOD!

    The scene is Chapter three on the boat.

    When guybrush says "And We could get La Espoja"

    Dominic played it perfectly, as if he was staring into the eyes of his soul mate.

    I need to book a room at the Heartbreak hotel.
  • I loved when you try to use Murray on her. "Hello, what's your name sweet cakes? I might look like just a skull, but I'm alllll man."

    Murray knows where it's at!
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