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Generally, is GT TOO capable now?

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Just generally, is Guybrush, that lovable pirate, now so capable as a pirate (apparently enough to get his own fangirl >.>) that he's...too capable?

I mean just in the very opening of Chapter 1:

- no hesitation, stabs zombie pirate demon LeChuck
- also seemingly no further hesitation, was going to stab HUMAN LeChuck

Chapter 2:

- he digs up buried treasure without you going through finding a shovel for him to use. He's got one BUILT INTO HIS PANTS!

Chapter 3 (slight spoilers):

- pretty much asks Morgan to please kill the mutineers before they kill him. While he prolly doesn't want them to be actually killed, he doesn't seem all too non-plussed at the probability they would be.

Though replaying CMI, I remembered he actually can aim and shoot a gun, which is something I forgot he had done.

The only MI I never completed was MI2. Can anyone tell me he did anything particularly ruthless there - not thieving - I mean, bodily/mortal harm to another person or something?

Because capable GT more than freaks me out a little.

Or it's kinda hot. Gotta work on that fanart now *cough*...
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  • Melancton;204176 said:
    All this reminiscing of dark piratey deeds is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    are you sure this is not just caused by the acid in your grog?
  • der_ketzer;204178 said:
    are you sure this is not just caused by the acid in your grog?
    Which kind of Acid? Sulfuric or Battery?
  • I go for both because they are the same.
  • Jazzy;204156 said:
    And got a chef fired from his job.
    And he poisoned the governors dogs som1.
  • floweroftheforest;204190 said:
    And he poisoned the governors dogs som1.
    But that was okay, as they were only sleeping.

  • Jazzy;204192 said:
    But that was okay, as they were only sleeping.

    Ha! thats what they say.;)
  • Guybrush is a tough to define character, especially if you throw CMI into the mix. I've always seen him almost like a kid. He has a sort of youthful exuberance and ambition. He's a good guy overall, but he can be greedy and deceptive just like anybody. How CAPABLE he somewhat hard to say. He blunders a lot, into and out of trouble, but he can also be a capable pirate. At the start of Monkey Island 2, he has tons of treasure and a cool pirate coat from pirate-y adventuring, but also can't convince a bunch of guys that he killed LeChuck and gets his treasures taken pretty easily by Largo. Who's to say what of that was due to sheer incompetence or capability?

    His character is for the player's benefit. He reflects our own insecurities, dreams, capability and a quality of sheer chance. Because he's all of these things, it's really hard to place what HE actually is, because he's more a reflection of aspects of every person, with just enough character to be an individual. He's the vehicle for our puzzle-solving, and how much of our efforts are shared with him? We move Guybrush around, so I'd like to think our efforts are not on the part of Chance, but of Guybrush's own wit.

    ...Then again, Guybrush sometimes doesn't seem to know WHY he does something, it just seems like a "Good Idea", as though our meddling is like some sort of ambient suggestive vibe he gets to do the things he does. I think this is mostly played off for humor, though, and shouldn't really be regarded.

    Honestly? Guybrush feels like Guybrush to me in Tales. I can't really place WHY, but he feels "right" in a way that he simply doesn't for me in the majority of Curse and Escape. And it's not just the awesome coat or the cool beard. Everything about the dialogue and his interactions with the world just kind of feels "right", with a nice balance of adeptness and blundering.
  • Yeah, I never saw Guybrush as an incompetent kind of guy. He's the kind of pirate that doesn't really follow the set pirate stereotype - he does things differently. After all, how can you be anything BUT competent if you manage to steal the trousers off an undead zombie pirate while he's wearing them!?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    der_ketzer;204183 said:
    I go for both because they are the same.
    I knew if I read enough posts here I would eventually learn something useful.
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