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Names of the chapters (spoilers)

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Do you think revealing all of the names of the chapters was a good idea? It does kinda spoil some of the "what happens next" in most of them. They've been pretty obvious so far, especially this one (the third). Lair of the Leviathan. The next one is quite obvious too - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. Well, it's already obvious he'll be found guilty then. And although it's nice to have subtitles like these for each chapter (quite traditional for a MI game, although we had no idea what the chapters were called before we got to them), not knowing them before getting to them was kind of part of the fun for me back in the days.

Obviously, we don't know in detail what will happen next, but there's certainly going to be a trial and Guybrush will be found guilty, hence the name of the chapter. If we hadn't already known the title, we would have no idea there was going to be a trial at some point. Well, we don't technically know yet, but it would strange if there wasn't.

This isn't a complaint, in case some of you start telling me to bug off for never being satisfied. It's just an observation really. So, do you think the chapters should've been revealed one at a time, or do you prefer the way they did it now? I'd prefer it if they left the name of the chapters out until they reveal the release date of the chapter. But it's not so much of an issue that I'd file it under "complaints" or "negatives". Like I said, just an observation.
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  • Even if they didn't reveal all the names at once before the start of the game they would be revealing them before each individual chapter release so we'd know the names of the chapters before playing them anyway, but I know what you mean. Personally I'd rather not know but what are yo gonna do?
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