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Praise for two of the best puzzles in MI, ever! (Spoilers)

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Ok, just to set the record straight before we even start, today's episode, Lair of the Leviathan, was just so perfect. Telltale have really got the exact tone, difficulty and level of humour to an absolute tee. BRAVO!
This is most obvious in two of the greatest standalone puzzles in the history of Monkey Island. Don't read on unless you've finished episode 3, you really don't want them spoiled for you.

Firstly, the Face-Off scenario. This had everything confrontational about Insult Swordfighting, with none of the trial and error (and none of the wiseguy cracks). Now this meant that the puzzle itself wasn't hillarious, but the method of completion and the joy at the faces they pulled was well worth it. Acquiring all six faces was a joy, and at no point did I think "Gah, they really could've extended that one a bit." Then, bringing it back later just once for the interrogation was lovely, and gave the whole episode continuity. And, if you were missing the "fill in the punchline" nature that makes Insult swordfighting so great, Telltale fill the gap with "Phrasebook Manatee Flirting", which was quite easy, but oh so hillarious! So, overall, my Insult Swordfighting stomach is well and truly full without even drawing my cutlass from its scabbard.

Secondly, the Voodoo Lady possession puzzle, in particular the tarot cards. I think that it would be a sin not to release these cards afterwards, sell them in the shop as a set or just let us print them out or SOMETHING! Using each card as either an actor, process or target took just a couple of moments to work out, and after having completed it the first time, the feeling of having solved it was a nice one, but nothing special. But the fact that the same process must be used three times, once to go back to your own body...I just felt like applauding! Really satisfying, completely hilarious, and something completely unlike anything we've had in any MI game.

So, two of the best puzzles in MI history? Discuss...
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  • karooble;203822 said:
    Oh my gosh, I'm SO GLAD it wasn't just me! I was desperate to make Murray a part of that little game. :D
    Yeah, that would have been a nice touch! But i liked how pure the puzzle was, with no external influences. Perhaps near the end Guybrush could acquire a whole pack and that sort of thing could happen. Who knows!
  • Ch 3 was insanely well done. Agreed.
  • Getting the grog to the jail in MI1.
  • I agree completely! The puzzles were simply genius. I also loved how you have to use that face again to get the information about the manatee tongue.
  • Not sure the best MI puzzles ever, but certainly great fun.

    I can't work out whether or not it’s a good thing that I didn't really need any thinking / stuck time. Even though the puzzles seemed more complex I was not actually stuck once (I was in both the previous episodes for a bit)

    It made the whole episode flow amazingly well but finish sooner. Hmmm.

    All in all though, the best TTG episode I have played for pure immersive enjoyment.
  • the voodoo/tarot puzzle was the moment suprême of this chapter if you ask me!
    so funny how the voodoo lady goes all wobbly-wobbly when guybrush got hold of her :' )

    still, I don't really like several "restricted" puzzle-dependencies in this chapter, for instance, deCava provides you with a can/mug at a certain -random- point and you can only get the tongue of the manatee when you're aware of it's whereabouts (by conversation). The same goes for DeSinge in the 1st chapter, who's "busy" at first because you punched a dude's nose and he's free at a certain point in the game. I'd like the game to be have a more static environment with the player being the only "dynamic"-object (that changes in time by -my- doings)
    so, my preferences:
    a. me being able to get the mug at any time rather then the mug being given to me at a certain (random) point
    b. the tongue being "aquireable" (:3) at any time, independant of knowledge or conversation [which gives room for trial and error too, and any given action performed with zero result at a certain point t will have the same effect on any time t+i, if the environment has practically not changed that is]
    c. The doctor being out/in -until- I have done something to change that (as in a -direct- action, like actively removing a patient -- the doctor being 'out' at first is in fact dependant of your progress, but there's no logical step to change that situation)

    "The Dig" (a lucasarts point n click, which most of you people probably know) had loads of these sort of "puzzle dependencies", lot's of them involving conversation... [first talk with Bla before you can use item bla with object bla] this is -really- frustrating when you've saved you're game, then talk with Bla, reload, and then not being able to use item with object o___o (does anyone still follow me? <3) The game-character shouldn't be a virtual knowledge-database of the player, which keeps track on the hints that were given - the player should be it's -own- knowledge-center (the game doesn't know what the player knows, and that -shouldn't matter- if their puzzle-architecture is modulair enough).

    still love chapter three :3
    cliffhanger was a little unsatisfactory
    though Murray, Bugeye and wobbly wobbly voodoolady definately made my day!! ^___^
  • ivan11111;203413 said:
    So, two of the best puzzles in MI history? Discuss...
    I'm inclined to agree on the face-off - I can't remember when I had so much unrestricted fun with a video game. "He's got the... nasty... fisheyed... geezer!" Couldn't stop laughing until I tried most combinations.
    jeditribble;205478 said:
    Interesting; I thought this chapter was the easiest of the lot. I wasn't stuck much or for a long time in the previous chapters, but I never got stuck in LotL at all. Everything seemed pretty much straightforward.
    It didn't seem straightforward to me all the time, but it was definitely easier than the first two.
  • I wasn't uber fond of those 2 puzzles. I thought face-off was a fun insult swordfighting style thing, but it wasn't as good as insult sword fighting, it needed the funny insults. That being said, I think that acquiring insults via "Arr" is a much better system, and I think that if TTG were to revive Insult Swordfighting, they should use this system for sure.

    The voodoo card puzzle was allright, but it was really really easy. I had it done in under five minutes.
  • I have a feeling we're in for something special and epic for Episodes 4 and 5. After playing Sam and Max, Telltale generally seem to shine in the endgame. :)
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