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  • I think the Marquis De Singe is a brilliant addition to the world of Monkey Island. His style of dress, is pretty much what a "gentleman" of the time would have worn. Hugo, from Escape from Monkey Island is also a pretty good example of the type, albeit somewhat less sumptuous.
    I wonder if he has any connection with Elaine's famous Piranha Poodles.
    His white makeup would probably have been white lead - a whole new meaning for "Drop Dead Gorgeous".
  • I like him a lot. He was the star of the first episode, and had some pretty funny lines in the last one.

    Wanted to mention that it's pretty cool how the artists gave him imperfect make-up. You can see he didn't fully put that white stuff around the edges of his forehead, for example.
  • girlie men are the best.
  • Great character! The accent and tone of voice are supposed to be that annoying i think, gives him the edge. You want him to lose, not necessarily because he is the villain, but just to make him shut up. I find it very MIish ironic. (all that IMHO)

    Plus, please tell me i am not the only one who really LOLed when you put the cards in the order DeSinge-Voodoo Lady- Guybrush and you get the random "Curse you, Guybrush Threepwood!!!!" scene.
  • Actually I liked him second best, the best villain so far has been Largo La Grande.
    I never really liked Le Chuck particularily though. He was sort of the standard villain from every Monkey Island game!
    But The Singe is definitely a good villain, and a worthy addition to the universe.
  • he is a good villan because he is so wimpy. he is brains rather then brawn. like a bond villan or somthing. just gets morgan do do his dirty work
  • I think he's a decent villain, fits the series well. I prefer him way over Largo.

    But he's not really likeable. You're meant to hate this guy, come on.
  • He's a show-stealer. I think he's great. The animators, writers and Jared all do a fantastic job on him.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Another vote for "he's brilliant".
  • For a non-LeChuck villain I guess he's okay. Though honestly, compared to our favorite zombie pirate, he's not really "brilliant".
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