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My Dream Sequel

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So I've been thinking about MI6 and the sequel TTG *hopefully* makes.

In my dream version of the game...

1. No Morgan (I want closure with her this game), but an Elaine the Guybrush likes but they are separated, she thinking they just drifted apart.
2. British soldiers.
3. A new nighttime piratey Island to join the ranks of Melee Scabb and Blood.
4. A band of outcasts living in their own makeshift community on a collections of sandbars.
5. The army of the damned in battle.
6. LeChuck having a fleet. And his flaming beard back
7. The shopkeeper.
8. Plunder Island at night.

I hate to admit it but I am nerdy enough and have actually written up an outline, script and cutscene descriptions...


want it telltale? I promise its good.
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  • Sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying that Morgan shouldn't be in the game because it looks like she's splitting Guybrush and Elaine up? Because that only adds more thrills to the story, in my opinion.
    No I'm not saying that. I just think Morgan was executed incorrectly. I really really like the idea of her character but I think she was designed 1. too cartoony 2. not tough enough for the job she claims to have 3. too whiny (im just doing my jaahhhhbbb).

    I can't help but think she grew up in suburbia. I hope to see some more character development with her (her back story in Ch 3 hardly cut it), but I would ultimately like to see her character find closure at the end of this game and go off sailing the seven seas independently, being an icon from this game alone.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Jake;204999 said:
    True. That said, Guybrush buys a bottle of root bear from a Grog vending machine, but that doesn't mean there's a licensed Grog bottling plant off on an island somewhere.
    You're right - there's no way that Grog bottling plant is licensed. I'm pretty sure it's an illegal start-up operating outside the reach of the law. :p
  • Toothless Gibbon;205251 said:
    oh! Does it mean there definately isn't though?


    (This was an early PSD mock up for what was going to be my entry for the "Island Design" Competition)
    Honestly, that Grog Island Factory makes me wonder what kind of workers could be inside it....perhaps of the Oompa Loompa variety.....or is that too big of a rip off......or maybe the cannibals run it, and their organization extends farther than we could possibly know.
  • My bet is there's a mad inventor roaming the islands. A misterious loonie, who created some crazy contraptions. The vending machine is just another invention of his. I highly doubt there's a real factory. :p
  • Rather Dashing;205001 said:
    A Navy seems like a pretty big thing to just kind of come out of nowhere. What do you expect to happen?
    The hypothetical game opens with a sea-battle between LeChuck's ship and Guybrush's ship, and LeChuck is winning. Suddenly, the Royal Navy arrive and fight off the ghost pirate. Then they ask who it is they've rescued - "'I'm Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate", he announces thoughtlessly, and is hauled off in chains and taken back to Blightly, thrown in the Tower of London in preparation to be hanged at Tyburn for piracy.....
  • My hypothetical game opens with a small group of civilians landing on Monkey Island. One child is wandering the jungle, chasing a butterfly when CRRRACK the ground opens and he is swallowed into the catacombs beneath. His parents find a similar fate and are turned into slaves and / or food for LeChuck who is once again at his home on MI.

    The British hear of all these disappearances and notice they are all ships that have been carrying / purchased a legendary good luck Charm of Kamahaya rumored to have anti pirate magic (evidently the player knows they seem to work in the opposite way). They send their fleet to lock down the area and start turning Islands into militarized zones. With disappearances AND the navy, the Caribbean isn't safe for pirates. Only on Picaroon Island, where Guybrush has recently emergency-landed after hitting a reef, is there a stronghold of pirates. When he hears Plunder Island is the first to be invaded by the navy, he knows he has to stop it, as Plunder Island is the last place he knew his ex wife, Elaine was located. This leads him to even further adventures, discovering the misfit soldiers who live on the Sholes of Oja where the Charms have their mysterious origin to the battle of the ages when LeChuck's army of the damned meet an adequately prepared foe for the first time, this tale is packed with piratey adventure!

    Who is behind the mysterious Charm of Kamahaya that lures innocents to certain doom and why to they continue to find and obtain them, and how will Guybrush purge the Caribbean of the oppresive General Derbyshire to make it safe for rapscallions and rogues once again? Will he win Elaine's heart back? What are the Generals REAL motives? What is LeChucks role? All this and more in the sixth installment in the iconic adventure... Return to Monkey Island

    dun duh duh *dramatic steel drums*
  • My dream game centers around an artifact that gives its owner control over a horde of semi-sentient crabpeople. There's also a loa voodoo god and a submarine shaped as a whale. And there's also a grown Wally trying to exact his revenge on Guybrush.
  • DeLuca;205370 said:
    No I'm not saying that. I just think Morgan was executed incorrectly. I really really like the idea of her character but I think she was designed 1. too cartoony 2. not tough enough for the job she claims to have 3. too whiny (im just doing my jaahhhhbbb).

    I can't help but think she grew up in suburbia. I hope to see some more character development with her (her back story in Ch 3 hardly cut it), but I would ultimately like to see her character find closure at the end of this game and go off sailing the seven seas independently, being an icon from this game alone.
    You see, I don't see any of this.
    At all.
    In fact, after LotL I see almost the opposite.
    I can see why you see this.

    But I do have a question for you.
    You say that Mogan's back Story was weak
    You say you wanna see More Charachter Development
    We know as much if not only less about Morgan than we know about Elaine.
    Even after 4+ games.
    Do you feel the same way about Elaine?
    If not, why not?
    She too has become a stereotype.
    the stereotype of a woman who is better at everything than her husband.
    including being a pirate.
    In fact if you take out the development in EoMI (which was pretty forced with Toothrot) Then she might be the most One Dimensional "Main" character in the series.
  • I agree with you about your Elaine sentiments, but I am in the camp that wants MI2 Elaine back. Thats why I want Elaine to leave Guybrush and next game have him trying to win her back but have her not really all that interested in the prospect.
  • Oh this is happening...

    Summary: After purging the Caribbean of the Pox of LeChuck and banishing the demonic pirate king to the fiery depths of hell, Guybrush Threepwood is back to his piratical duties. When British civilians start disappearing en masse through the tri-island area, however, Guybrush and all his pirate cohorts are caught in a bind as the British government starts island raids, converting familiar territory into military outposts. When he discovers that the disappearing vessels are all carrying the supersticious Good Luck Charm of Kamahaya, Guybrush is forced to sneak behind enemy lines, rally a fleet of buccaneer renegades, rid the Caribbean of military presence and discover the source of this new found "Good Luck" charm and by association the evil force taking the lives of those upon the disappearing vessels. Hopefully then his ex wife Elaine will come to her senses and return to his loving arms once again. If he's lucky.


    CUTSCENE: A familiar jungle. Palm trees and tropical undergrowth are everywhere, a few hanging vines dangle in view. There is a rustling of leaves and a YOUNG BRITISH BOY comes bounding through and into sight. He is running happily, playing it seems. The camera follows. He jumps over logs and rocks, humming a song. He runs out of sight. There is an unnatural sound of the cracking of earth followed by a whooshing sound that is quickly extinguished.


    A YOUNG BRITISH COUPLE of about 30 years of age are laying on the beach, looking up at the blue sky. They eat fresh bananas.

    MAN: This Island was such a wonderful surprise.

    WOMAN: I didn't even know it was here. This fruit here is simply sublime.

    MAN: How very fortunate for us. Especially considering the meal you were concoting smelled like the grim reaper himself when you had that little accident in the galley.

    WOMAN: It did smell odd! I accidentally dropped that amulet in the water before I started. I wonder if something didn't rub off to give it such a peculiar odor.

    Suddenly they hear a whooshing noise from the jungle, they look at each other confused.

    WOMAN: Where's Jack?

    MAN: He was right here.

    They become worried and both run into the jungle calling out their son's name. The camera is following them as they search past trunks and under fallen logs, into clearings and in the brush of the jungle. They are near each other when the ground rumbles beneath them. They look at each other worried as it cracks open, a great orange glow coming from underneath. Flames shoot up and out as they are pulled down underground with the evil voodoo force of the catacombs beneath.


    GENERAL TARTINGFURD: (he has a very high pitched flambouyant Monty Python-esque voice) Report Timothy?

    TIMOTHY: Another vessel found, sir.

    He takes his cap off and holds it nervously in his hands.

    TIMOTHY: It was empty sir, no trace of them at all. This is the fourth report of missing travelers in the Caribbean this week. All from the same general Tri-Island area.

    The General ponders it.

    GENERAL TARTINGFURD: Hmm. We can't stand by anymore. Send orders to mobilize the fleet. What's the closest island to the base that is known to harbor pirates?

    TIMOTHY: Um..

    He racks his brain

    TIMOTHY (remembering): Plunder Island, sir.

    GENERAL TARTINGFURD: Well the Plunder Island is our first stop then.


    WHAM! They are thrown down on the wooden planks of a ship. It has a strange glow to it. They look around, there is no one aboard the ship. The sails are tattered and even though everything looks ripped to shreds, it is a very intimidating vessel. Their looks of horror are only emphasized as the SKELETON ARMY OF THE DAMNED steps out from behind masts, barrels and ascend from the hold. They are carrying swords. One of them calls out with his hand cupped to his mouth er... skull.

    HENCHMAN: Cap'n, there's two more!!

    There are thunks as the captain walks heavily in his quarters towards the outer deck. The door creaks open. Backlit by fire, CAPTAIN LECHUCK strides out of his quarters, gnawing on the bone of the animal. The parents realize in utter horror that the bone he is nibbling meat off of has the rags of their son's clothes still attached. He ate their child! He smiles and his beard lights aflame.

    LECHUCK: Looks like we're having dessert, men. Harharharharharrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    As the CREDITS and music begin The view zooms out and out backwards through the lava filled catacombs up and out of the mouth of a GIANT MONKEY HEAD planted in the ground, farther and faster until all of MONKEY ISLAND is seen on screen.

    TITLE: Deep in the Caribbean

    From where the GIANT MONKEY HEAD is located a flame erupts but is quickly extinguished.


    MORE CREDITS as the camera zooms across the ocean. It passes by a fleet of British ships going in the other direction.

    A previously unknown island fills the screen. It is night time. The lights from the docks in the bay and village halfway up the central mountain sparkle in the tropical night.


    GUYBRUSH V.O.: Captain's Log, Guybrush Threepwood. I crash-- er arrived at Picaroon Island today, one of the last pirate strongholds of the caribbean. Ever since I purged these seas of the pox of LeChuck and banished him to the fiery pits of hell, I've been searching for adventure on the high seas. Recently though it's becoming harder than usual. There are rumors of ships and crews disappearing in the surrounding waters and pirates are staying landlocked. It doesn't help that the love of my life has been ignoring me for the past few months. I am determined to find out why so many ships are returning to shores without a soul aboard. I'm determined to make the caribbean safe for swashbuckling rogues like myself once again. Perhaps then my plunder bunny will see my strengths and come back to me again. For now she is on Plunder Island running for office once again. Before I start another timeless investigation though, I could really use a mug of ice cold grog.

    TITLE: Chapter One: The Landlocked Picaroon

    Camera zooms into to the bay of the island where buildings dot the docks of the port and ships lay in wait for their captains. It looks relatively quiet on the cobblestone streets. GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD stands under a post that is holding a lantern lighting the area. There are one or two pirates wandering the area. He approaches one.

    SCARRED PIRATE: Don't you look at me in that tone of voice.

    GUYBRUSH: Er... I didn't say anything yet.

    SCARRED PIRATE: Oh right then. What is it ye be wantin?

    GUYBRUSH: Do you know where I could get a mug of grog around here?

    SCARRED PIRATE: Ye be wantin the Jolly Roger, yessir. They have the best grog this side of Picaroon. Just head away from the docks and up into Stonethrow there.

    GUYBRUSH: Stonethrow?

    SCARRED PIRATE: The village, right up there.

    GUYBRUSH: Thanks.

    GUYBRUSH walks over to a pile of wooden planks.

    GUYBRUSH: It's a pile of wooden planks, they probably were left over after someone finished repairing their ship.

    GUYBRUSH picks up the planks and puts them in his coat.

    The docks are at capacity with ships. The ambient music is mellow and somewhat nautical. Think the CMI title screen difficulty options music. The wooden jetties meet a cobblestone area lined with several buildings all looking out to sea. Among them are a house, a blacksmith, and fishmonger. Guybrush decides not to explore inside any of these places yet and follows the path that leads up the Island's mountain where the main village is situated a little less than half way up. It is not too long of a walk, but enough that the village is separate from the docks.

    The village is situated on a flat part of land coming out of the side of the main mountain of the island. Closest to the cliff face of the mountain is a large building with a big tower attached, Picaroon City Hall. In front of this building is a square lined with shops, homes and bars and taverns. There is a dirty hotel and immediately across from it there is a very dark bar with a dim yellow light coming out of the windows. Music plays from inside and every once in awhile a pirate gets thrown through the one window that is patched with wood. When this happens the owner comes out and angrily repatches it.

    GUYBRUSH: That bar over there must be the Jolly Roger.

    Guybrush walks over and into the bar. It is dimly lit, one floor. The bar is a square island in the center surrounded by tables and lit by chandeliers with dripping wax candles lighting it with a flickering yellow light. There is a small three person band in the corner and card games, yelling, singing, and fighting going on. In one of the darker corners there is a VERY TOUGH LOOKING PIRATE. Guybrush approaches the bar.

    GUYBRUSH: A mug of grog.

    BARKEEP: Regular or diet?

    GUYBRUSH: Eww there's diet?

    BARKEEP: It's made with Splenda.

    GUYBRUSH: I'll stick with regular.

    GUYBRUSH mulls over his conversational options

    GUYBRUSH: It sure is crowded in here.

    BARKEEP: Naturally. Ever since ships started disappearing people were scared o' the sea. Started get a bit crowded then. Then come round two weeks the British Navy's been seen around. Rumor 'as it they've been 'avin' raids, taking down Islan's that 'arbor piratical folk like yourself. Not a single ship's left Picaroon for over two weeks. Good for business though, all these landlocked sailors.

    GUYBRUSH: If the British government is raiding Pirate Islands, why are all the pirates here?

    BARKEEP: Rumor 'as it they set up shop on aul' Plunder Island last week, a bunch o' this lot is straight off the boat.

    GUYBRUSH: Plunder Island? That's where my wife... er... ex wife is!

    BARKEEP: Sorry mate, but the redcoats 'ave been imprisoning any pirate folk they encounter. 'hats why everyone came here to Picaroon.

    GUYBRUSH: Aren't they afraid that Picaroon will get raided too?

    BARKEEP: (to everyone around him) You hear this boys? This fancy pants pirate wants to know if Picaroon'll be RAIDED!


    BARKEEP: You may be a swashbuckler on other isle's friend, but on this island that doesn't mean a thing. This place is a pirate stronghold. Only the toughest and meanest pirates 'arbor 'ere. The frilly pantied redcoats wouldn't stand a chance trying to raid this place. I'd be careful here if I were you. Sounds like ye may be in a bit over yer head.

    GUYBRUSH: I'm the toughest pirate here! I single handedly defeated The Zombie Pirate LeChuck... literally. I bet I could beat anyone in this room in insult sword fighting or arm wrestling or a healthy breath holding contest.

    Everyone goes silent and the many pirates make a pathway so the VERY TOUGH LOOKING PIRATE can see GUYBRUSH.

    BARKEEP: Oh you shouldn'ta said that.

    VTLP: (very calmly) We don't play games here boy. And there ain't no pirate on the seven seas that's tougher than me, Razortooth Ray, understand? Men!

    Two pirates grab GUYBRUSH by the armpits and launch him out of the bar, through the patched up window.

    (from inside)OWNER: Hey!

    GUYBRUSH: Someone needs a nap.


    The camera cuts to the interior of a traditional caribbean style spanish building. There is a desk behind which sits GENERAL TARTINGFURD he is shuffling through some papers. The camera pulls back and shows ELAINE MARLEY in the room pleading with him.

    ELAINE: I swear to you I run a legal government! I have all the papers on file back on Melee Island! If you will just let me get in my ship and leave...

    GENERAL TARTINGFURD: I'm afraid, Ms. Marley, that my mine are in the process of sinking all the pirate ships that were harbored here right off the island. Should make for a nice new coral reef in the future. As for you, you aren't going anywhere. You should consider yourself lucky that you're not in the dungeon!

    ELAINE: But Sir! I've done nothing wrong, I was merely running for the position of Governor of the Tri Island area. I was going to govern legally! Through a vote!

    GENERAL TARTINGFURD: (getting fed up, lowering his voice and speaking quickly) Ms. Marley, do you take me for a fool? (he pulls out a thick file) I have on record here that you already had a chance to rule legally, and during the time that you were previously Governor before the death of your Grandfather, you participated in mutiple epic pirate adventures, all in glorious 3D!

    ELAINE: What?

    GENERAL TARTINGFURD: Enough! Please leave I've had enough of your disgusting begging. Your house arrest remains. That is final.

    ELAINE looks angry and slams the door on her way out. Cut to shot of TARTINGFURD's desk as he rustles through bills and other official looking papers. Finally he reveals an ancient scroll with weird runes on it. In the center is the outline of MONKEY ISLAND. It glows faintly.



    GUYBRUSH brushes himself off and decides to explore a little bit. He walks across the square to the run down hotel. When he walks in there is what was once probably a fancy lobby, but now is run down with cobwebs. Many of the ornate details in the room are chipped. A true fixer-upper. There is a bar in the corner with an overweight barkeep but he is sleeping standing up, leaning against the back wall. Drool drips down his face. In front of GUYBRUSH is a counter with an upper middle aged woman behind a desk, her feet up resting on a stack of papers. She's smoking. GUYBRUSH approaches

    HOTEL LADY: (disinterested)Welcome to the Ramrod Hotel. How can I help you?

    Her voice makes it obvious that she has probably smoked pounds and pounds of tobacco every day for her entire life.

    GUYBRUSH: I'm Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate.

    HOTEL LADY: I'm Ethel. What can I do ya for sweetie?

    GUYBRUSH: I was wondering if you know where I could find a ship. I am on a quest to win back my wi-- er.. end the kidnapping of innocents pirates like yourself that are plaguing these waters.

    HOTEL LADY: Ha! A ship! Honey, there hasn't been a ship that's left this sorry excuse for an island in over two weeks. Everyone was scared of the disappearances, let alone the British sticking their big powdered noses in everyone's business. Nosiree there aren't any ships leaving this Island.

    GUYBRUSH: Not a single person will leave this island? How do they plan to stop the soldiers or kidnappers?

    HOTEL LADY: Beats me. Well hmm... There might be someone you can talk to.

    GUYBRUSH: Who?

    HOTEL LADY: Razertooth Ray. He drinks over at the Jolly Roger you can probably find him there. He isn't scared of anything, that man. You convince him your cause is worthy or you'e got payment of some sort and I'm sure he'll take the Monkey's Fist out for ya.

    GUYBRUSH: Ahh. We've met.

    HOTEL LADY: Isn't he a pill?

    GUYBRUSH: Er.. sure. Guess I'll be seein' ya. Thanks for the info.

    HOTEL LADY: These are dark times, Threepgood, be careful out there.

    GUYBRUSH walks out and back into Stonethrow Square. He tries to go back into the Jolly Roger but the man now standing outside the door stops him.

    BOUNCER: Sorry miss, you can't go into the Jolly Roger. Come back when you've toughened up a bit.

    GUYBRUSH: But I am tough! And I'm not a miss!

    BOUNCER: You'll 'ave to prove it then, and don't call me Shirley.

    GUYBRUSH: Wait, what? Guess I'll have to come back later.

    GUYBRUSH walks over to city hall and looks up at the clock tower.

    GUYBRUSH: Wow, that's the second biggest clock tower I've ever seen. I bet I could see the entire island from up there.

    GUYBRUSH walks toward the city hall and walks up the steps to the door. He opens it and walks into the very tall ceilinged lobby. It is a beautiful beautiful interior. There are gates to get in and a ticket taker standing in front of them. Guybrush approaches.

    CITY EMPLOYEE: Greetings Pirate and welcome to the Stonethrow City Hall Clock Tower Self Guided Tours for Pirates, funded by Picaroon Island and the Tri Island area Government. Ticket please.

    GUYBRUSH: I don't have a ticket.

    CITY EMPLOYEE: Oh I'm sorry sir, you need a ticket to go on the tour. You can purchase one now for 100 pieces of eight if you'd like.

    GUYBRUSH: I don't have that much, will you take a trade?

    CITY EMPLOYEE: I'm sorry sir, we can only accept local currency and certified ticket vouchers. Please come back when you have a ticket or the proper admission fee.

    GUYBRUSH walks away, dejected. He looks around town and doesn't see anything he wants to explore at that moment, so he decides to go back down to the docks where he came from to see if any of the salty sailors down by the water have any suggestions on how to get a ship. When he gets to the docks he notices a piece of paper stuck to the top of one of the lamp posts near the dock.

    GUYBRUSH: I can't reach it from here.

    He walks over to a nearby tall ship and pulls on the rope that secures it to the dock. The boat's figurehead drifts with the boat and it hits the lamp post, knocking it over. The paper drifts to the ground and the oil lamp falls to the ground and shatters, but the oil still burns in a puddle.

    SALTY SAILOR: Hey, what are you some kind of crazy? You're going to start a wildfire you are!

    GUYBRUSH: Sorry! Won't happen again!

    GUYBRUSH walks over and picks up the piece of paper.

    GUYBRUSH: Admission for One to Stonethrow City Hall Clock Tower Self Guided Tours for Pirates ... Senior Discount. Great, a lot of good that will do me.

    GUYBRUSH looks at all the buildings lining the dock. He walks over to one that has a hanging sign that says "Great Grain Bakery". The sign sways in the wind and there is a barrel outside. He walks inside. Inside there are lots of lamps lit and THREE MEN OF HIGH DIGESTIVE FIBER stand inside. One of them is rocking back and forth on a barrel. A rat scurries through the bakery.

    GUYBRUSH: Er... hi.

    MAN 1: 'Ello there. Can I interest you in a scone?

    GUYBRUSH: I was actually wondering if you could tell me where I can find a ship.

    MAN 2: Ain't no ships leave Picaroon, that's for true.

    MAN 3: You said it Barney, no ships leave this Island. No sirree, none.

    MAN 1: What about a nice cake?

    GUYBRUSH: No thanks. Do you know how I could get into the Jolly Roger? They say I'm not tough enough.

    MAN 3: Oh you'll have to prove yourself tough to get in then.

    MAN 2: They won't let you in if you're not tough.

    MAN 1: I just put some cookies in the oven, do you like oatmeal raisin?

    GUYBRUSH: NO THANK YOU. Well is there anyone who owns a ship around here that I might be able to talk to?

    MAN 2: We had a ship once.

    MAN 3: Sold it to open this bakery, finally do something with our lives.

    MAN 2: Don't have a ship now

    MAN 3: If we did it wouldn't be leaving Picaroon.

    MAN 2: No ships leave Picaroon.

    MAN 1: How about a nice danish?


    Guybrush SLAMS his fist on a nearby barrel that is supporting many bags of flour. One topples over and onto his head, knocking him down with a big puff of white powder. When he stands up he is dizzy and his hair and face are completely covered in flour.

    MAN 2: Ooh wee! You look old.

    MAN 1: Shouldn'ta yelled, look at you now all covered in flour.

    MAN 3: No ships leave Picaroon.

    MAN 1: I coulda used that flour for a nice pie. Do you like pie?

    GUYBRUSH storms out, mumbling angrily to himself. It is possible, though unknown to Guybrush, that if he were to enter any other building besides City Hall the wind would pick up JUST before his entry and blow the flour off him. Luckily he picks to go to City Hall first. He walks up to the counter and presents his ticket of admission.

    CITY EMPLOYEE (yelling): Hello sir! Would you like to take the tour?

    GUYBRUSH: (old man voice) Why yes sonny, I would. Back
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