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  • Nice.
    But the halo behind Dave, John and other team members scares the hell out of me! :eek:
  • Looking good TTG :)

    Nice to see you upping the difficulty on cases so its technically no longer a click and hope.

    And thank god its not a casual game >.< and hopefully fans of the series wont tie you people with the fiasco that was CSI:NY. (Note UbiSoft - what TTG is doing is what fans wanted for CSI:NY :P)

    I know its too late now in development and close to publishing, but perhaps CSI 6 can have something that was potentially a good idea with CSI:NY, a handful of downloadable cases to be released periodically in the year.

    So instead of the usual 4/5 cases we could end up with more... and im sure the fans wont mind paying a small charge for the extra cases ;) After all work done on them has to bring in the revenue.

    And also great work on the engine, and with the T&L effects I cant wait!
  • Awesome stuff.Is it just me or is the scull from Grissom's office at HE ?
  • The gameplay additions sound very promising indeed, I can't wait to try it out.
  • I personally think that the trailer shouldnt focus on the characters that much.I mean I know they are the heart of the game but everybody thinks that the 3D models suck just because the cast copies were not successful.If you take a look at the suspects and other fictional characters who were not based on someone,they are pretty well designed.If you notice,when the take the photo from the dead guy at the garage you can notice the different muscles of his arm :eek:
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