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Lack of 'edge-y' humor in Telltale's Sam & Max

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Well, I'm downloading Episode 3 as I type, hooray!

But it's with a little trepidation. I'm really hoping the humor is a bit 'edge-ier' in this installment.

The first two have been -good-... but just lacking that certain edge. The only flash of it was at the start of 'Culture Shock' when Max dropped the rat out the window. I got another small flash of it in 'Situation: Comedy' with their remarks about the ingredients in the cooking show. But generally, the episodes have the feeling that they're kind of Sam n Max 'lite' - funny and quirky, but nothing that might offend someone, or make someone think 'bad taste'...

I guess I noticed it more when I watched this month's Machinima - the 'Interrogation' one. THIS is the Sam & Max I know and love - edgy, Max with a real evil streak, swearing... I wish the scripts for the games were more like this. Then I noticed it was done by Steve Purcell.

The Saturday morning cartoon of S&M had the same problem I felt - the ones not written by Steve were 'zany', but missing that wicked, edgy, not-so-nice streak that is CLASSIC Sam & Max.

Are the games being tailored more towards kids, or are the writers just not wanting to go there in case they offend? Because Sam & Max is ALL ABOUT OFFENDING. Right now they feel like they're inside, trying to get out, but have been censored. Whether it's intentional or not, that's what it feels like.

Also, the episodes seem more based in 'reality' - former child stars, hippies, studio directors, talk show hosts, psychiatrists (I'm letting Bosco off the hook 'cause he's hilarious). I pine for mole men, bigfoots, giraffe-necked girls, two-headed carnival directors, shrieking banchees... basically some things a bit more 'out there'. After seeing the rat (again, at the start of 'Culture Shock') I was excited that this was the direction they were taking, but then it was pretty 'normal' from there. 'Situation: Comedy' was an improvement on this at least, with talking chickens, and 'Hugh Bliss' a refreshing change.

93% done downloading 'Mob & Meatball'... hoping for a bit more 'carnage', 'craziness' & 'crap' :)

Is it just me?
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  • I get where Harald is coming from, and I agree with him, but my main reason for wanting more violence actually stems from my belief that Max needs more to do (and hurting people is his forté), so it comes natural to me that when he does get to hurt people, it should be more extreme. Even though I also agree that it shouldn't be violent in the visual way, it should be done like the rat coughing up the phone in ep1 ("I wish I could un-see that). Blood and gore isn't S&Ms style.
  • Well I do miss a bit of Max violence but aside from that I think things are fine the way it was. I always thought it was more about the humour than the gag violence. I do say bring it back though but keep it cartoony i.e. in the original Hit the Road game where Max shoves his fist down the mouth of the "bonded street courier " :)
  • Coughing up the phone is a perfect example of crazy, edgier stuff happening. What I'm trying to get at is, other that that and Hugh Bliss doing 'magical' stuff, these episode could almost be based in reality. If it wasn't for the fact that Sam & Max are a dog and rabbit, it could be a couple of guys walking around.

    The other thing is Max himself - he always -talks- about his penchant for violence in these episodes, but we barely ever SEE it - off-screen or not.

    And yes, exactly like the Machinima, violence is always portrayed off-screen, or off-panel (in the case of the comic) - that's fine! I just miss Sam & Max's gleeful violent impulses e.g. throwing an exploding head out the window (Hit The Road), running with a log towards a bunch of cultists ('Monkeys Violating' comic) etc etc etc. Even Steve's web comic (where they come back from the dead, lol) has a more adult and crazy tone and more sophisticated writing than these episodes.

    Bang on to the poster who mentioned the 'edgier' stuff is always presented in verbose, magnificently written dialogue as well - so they might be saying 'let's take this guys' guts out', but it's said in such a round-about way that it's a joy to listen to and doesn't offend, just makes you laugh.

    Playing 'Mob & Meatball' at the moment, and once again... it's all humans everywhere. Now it's Mafia dudes in bear helmets, in a brightly coloured casino. It's ok... but the only sparks I've felt from this game so far have been:
    a) The Intro
    b) Bosco (well written as always - the 'no' jokes were laugh-out-loud stuff)
    c) FINALLY - a little talking BUG! -That's- more like it!!!

    What this seriers really needs it more stuff like the rubber pants commandoes... gator golf... mystery vortexs (vorti?)... chimps with guns... giant cockroaches on the moon... A BLOOD CAKED SMOCK. Stuff that's totally out of LEFT FIELD.

    I know I said S&M is all about offending, and thanks whoever picked me up on that. I better way to re-phrase it is I miss being offended/shocked/revolted/pleasantly surprised by what I see (and don't see) in Sam & Max!
  • Yes, these episoddes are less crazy than Hit the Road... and I'm missing it a bit... but I hope it become progressive ! Nothing as funny as the incredibly pretentious snucky salesman, the house of stranges things, a so funny (and boring) moleman... for the moment, Season 1 is not as insane as Hit the Road... I just hope it'll become... I just remember the shaving butt scene, it's that kind of thing I like...
  • abdallah;20488 said:
    I dont know, its almost like Sam n max is Frasier now.
    :eek: In my book, comparing anything to Frasier (the greatest sitcom ever) is glowing praise! :p

    And as was remarked earlier, this episode's "Do you have..." sequence in Bosco's was the funniest yet, I was in tears by the 5th click lol
  • One thing I somehow forgot in Episode 3 is quite obvious: "Does the carpet match the drapes?"
  • It's not as edgy as the comics, but to me it definitely feels more edgy than htr. Max's dialog seems more "naughty", and the guys are just acting more immoral in general, like the way Sam carries a gun and you can shoot it wherever you feel like it, including inside a general store, or actually acting breaking someone's tail light, and charging a 10,000 dollar ticket for it. How delicious was that? :) Not to mention actually getting to be a mob enforcer, or even that whole a bit about the U.S. being a free country being a delusion... Seems pretty risque to me. :)
  • yes I like the carpet match the drapes. The kind of jokes that adults will get but still if kids hear them it is no big deal because they won't understand
  • Alucard;20772 said:
    yes I like the carpet match the drapes. The kind of jokes that adults will get but still if kids hear them it is no big deal because they won't understand
    Holy crap! How did I not even realize that? I think I was so taken in by the childish, cartoony graphics and atmosphere, that I refused to allow anything to sound even the least bit inappropriate.

    Wow... I was thinking more along the lines of "shopping for curtains."
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