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De Cava's glasses (BUG?)

posted by The Amazer on - last edited - Viewed by 380 users
Okay, I encountered a weird bug and I don't know if I missed a puzzle in the game or what.

But early on I was at the plank of my ship and just clicked or double clicked Exit to Belly from there... instead of going to the belly it cut to mid-conversation between Guybrush and DeCava with DeCava saying something about his monocle thing and putting it down. So I picked it up and he was all "where'd my glasses go?" and then I put the manatee lens thing on it and gave it back to him... then after that they disappeared completely. He kept putting them down as if he was Wally or somethin', but they weren't actually there, he just made the motion.

So yeah, did I miss a puzzle due to this bug?
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  • That just sounds like a plain bug to me. Did he give you his mug? If he did you can probably still solve the puzzle without problem and it will only remain visual glitch.
  • Yeah, I've finished the game and it never affected anything. It was just strange that it came up and I had no idea what was going on. I also lost my manatee lens for good.

    I'm guessing it was a puzzle they had in the game that they decided wasn't going to cut it, but remnants remained.

    Ah well, I guess I got a sneak peek into what could have been...
  • Well if you didn't give him his glasses with the manatee lens in it he won't drink the yellow ichor. You need to do that puzzle to finish the chapter. Looks like you just encountered a glitch.
  • Ah okay, that's what I was enquiring - looks like I did miss out on a puzzle.

  • Well not really. It looks like you solved a puzzle without even realizing it. Normally if you try to give him the mug of yellow ichor he tells you he won't drink the yellow stuff. my putting the manatee lens in his glasses it distorts his colour vision, making him think it is orange (or whatever the safe colour is).

    If you gave him the glasses back and gave him the glass of yellow ichor you really didn't miss out on anything. You just solved a puzzle without even knowing it. How special are you :D
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