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  • Yep, Bosco was good. I enjoy entering his shop. I just feel it could be a little bit more life in there sometimes. Not even japanese visit this place! And whilst we're at it, i love the normal mapping on the ice cream. Each time i see it it reminds me of a tasteful peppermint ice... :O)

    As for the puzzles: Yes they are logic but they're too easy.
  • I'm also not a native english speaking person and i don't feel that it would add much too the difficulty for us as you remind just some keywords and not the whole sentences. The way it was done here felt incomplete and too easy and i couldn't enjoy it.
  • I played it twice and had the impression that when i first played it and cliked on anything my scores wasn't decreased. And on my second try i had 22 or 23 without any problems.

    By the way i'm curious when Bosco will enter his german phase. If you need some help i'm german...bavarian! :O)
  • Hi everybody!
    I just finished the game and found it to be the shortest and easiest to date. The nose puzzle wasnt hard at all, especially since the camera points right at it when you pass the entrance....
    Just three new rooms was a little small.
    Hope the games will be harder in the future.

    Despite all of that, I am still happy those games exist.
  • Theres a problem with making more difficult games. The reason why Adventure games fell out of popularity is because a lot of the puzzles were not logical and unnecesarily obscure, requiring certain things to trigger, walking in and out of rooms to "reset" states etc and people ended up just clicking everything on everything.

    Sam and Max has the best shot of bringing adventure back into the mainstream by keeping things accessible and focused on the story and writing and bringing more potential fans into the fold that might not even know what an adventure game is.
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