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Sam&Max3: Sounds like a air hammer :-((

posted by keksausmainz on - last edited - Viewed by 488 users
Hi there,

I really have no nerves after the fight with "Situation: Comedy" to get it run. This time, fortunately, it actived without problems.

First of all, also Law&Order, crashes while downloading, saying, that I don't have an internet connection, or there are problems with it. Restarting the download application brings me a few megs further, but it SUCKS. :rolleyes:

The big problem is, that SNM3 doesn't play background music. In the office first it was just a few times, but on street and so on it sounds like an air hammer: "trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrrrrrrrtrtrtrtrt" etc.
I think the sound plays only the first microsecond in loop, what gets me to bloody ears. Please, help me in that.

My system:
- Pentium IV, 2,66 GHz,
- 1024 Mb Ram,
- Win XP Home, SP2
- Soundcard is DirectX compatible, never problems
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  • Aw... Do it yourself, nobody can do better.

    I solved this issue. A few days before I set "hardware acceleration" in the sound-settings to "none", because another game named *cough* (hey, telltale shurely doesn't want competition) needed this setting to play voice.

    So people, turn on the hardware acceleration and it runs perfectly.
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