New CSI:Deadly Intent Release Date for PC

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CSI: Deadly Intent was supposed to come at Oct.20 at PC,Wii,XBOX and DS (Hidden Cases)

The PC Release Date will be the 13th of Octomber and the rest of the dates will most likely still be Oct.20

I am not American but isn't the 13th of Octomber supposed to be Halloween ? Creepy CSI gaming in a room full of candles and skeletons...yay :cool::D


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    Halloween is a shortened name for All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints Day. This places it on October 31st, not October 13th. I'm afraid you switched the digits. It's still an October release, so a spooky CSI playthrough should be doable and fun.
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    haha yeah certainly I did.We got no Halloween here.CSI never really spooked me but for those who really want to have a pure CSI experience I suggest that they skip none of the dialogues,and observe the scene a bit better.There are stuff that can be seen but there is no comment on them by your partner and most of the times they can not be collected.Check the blood spatters,try to find a point of convergeance,use your imagination to reconstruct the scene etc
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