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Why is it taking so long for it to be released for xbla?

posted by Brian, Mighty Pirate on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
i got 1600 ms points back in july for the last resort and muzzled and it is almost october. has it just been cancled? i would get it on PC but my computer is not good enough to play the graphics
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  • Perhaps they meant summer of arcade 2010.

    Or we get now all episodes in one package, like the first season of Sam & Max.
    That would be awesome.
  • The achievements for Last Resort have been up on for months now, so clearly the XBLA version has been finished and ready to release for a while.

    It would be nice if someone from TTG could shed some light as to what's going on with it. Major Nelson announced it as coming out a few weeks ago, and then said it was removed at the last minute.

    Who knows, maybe Microsoft would rather release Sam&Max: Beyond Time and Space first? Either way this situation has been very aggravating.

    At least I've had ToMI to please my adventure gaming fix, but I want the rest of W&G already!
  • Yes, some comment/announcement from TTG would be very nice.
  • fake0815;202399 said:
    @ Gibbeynator

    Yes, that's what I also think. But it is really sad, that games like
    ION Assault, The Warrios:Street Brawl or Zombie Apocalypse are nowadays more popular than an adventure game like W&G. :(
    Hey, Ion Assault is actually quite fun!

    I'm just waiting for the release of S&M Season

    Ok, now the achievements for Muzzled are up, and we STILL have no idea when Last Resort is coming out. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that this is a sign that the remaining episodes will come out in quick succession (or better yet, all at once) but, I'll be realistic and assume that Microsoft will just screw us over again.

    Hey TTG, anytime you guys feel like telling us what the hell is going on with W&G on XBLA is more than welcome.
  • I want a Telltale Games XBLA Wednesday, with 3 games:

    W&G Ep.2
    W&G Ep.3
    Sam and Max Season 2

    Please make it happen. :D
  • fake0815;206774 said:
    I want a Telltale Games XBLA Wednesday, with 3 games:

    W&G Ep.2
    W&G Ep.3
    Sam and Max Season 2

    Please make it happen. :D
    Highly unlikely, since they'd be competing (and pretty severely) with themselves for customers' dollars.
  • Keep an eye on our blog and when we know for sure, you'll know. Might have an announcement coming up soonish?
  • That sounds promising. :)
  • Well, looks like The Last Resort is coming out sometime in November. At this rate of release, I'd expect Muzzled in April and The Bogey Man next September.
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