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Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space on Xbox Live NOW!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 980 users
Hey hey!


Sam & Max
Beyond Time and Space
(Also known as Sam & Max Season Two with a fancier name!)

Out NOW on Xbox Live Arcade

So, you've been waiting for forever to hear news about certain Telltale Xbox Live Arcade titles that we announced so, so long ago. We know it has indeed been many days since we've had any news about that, but today is different. Today, we have news about that, and we're really excited to tell you about it!

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, featuring all five episodes of Sam & Max Season Two in one big bundle, is available now on XBLA. Like Sam & Max Save the World (which was released back in June), this package will cost 1600 Microsoft points, and will feature the usual Xbox perks like HD graphic support and achievements! Plus, it'll be subtitled in German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

More info in the blog!
Screenhots, episode descriptions, trailers and more at the Sam & Max official site.
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  • This is good news! :D

    Would be better if instead of coming soon it said 14th October. But I can't complain over such a niggle - just surprised it's been announced so close to the release date...
  • This is excellent news. I'll buy this one for sure.
  • Woo! All I need now is 1600 points, and I'll be the happiest person in my house, till I beat them.
  • Bought it earlier, so I'm probably going to play it later. Looking forward to try it out =D
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey, we'll be giving away some Beyond Time and Space gift codes on our twitter page starting in about 45 minutes! See you there!
  • So now that Season 2 is out can we maybe get an update/fix for the framerate on Season 1? It's just awful and some parts are almost unplayable. Given the fact that the 360 is far more powerful than my built-in-2004-PC it's really not acceptable that my PC handles the game better than my 360 does...I'm a huge adventure gamer and I applaud what TT is doing (especially in bringing their games to consoles) and I'd love to buy the full versions of S&M for 360, but I just can't abide purchasing a broken product. I've queued up the Season 2 demo for dl, but if it runs the same I'm going to have to pass until fixed. Please can we have a patch for season 1? I really want to support TT's XBLA efforts!
  • How refreshing to see a new banner on top of the forums. I like the colorchange. :)
  • Not to sound... erm... impatient... but when is the next giveaway's ETA?
  • David E;210119 said:
    Hey, we'll be giving away some Beyond Time and Space gift codes on our twitter page starting in about 45 minutes! See you there!
    When are you giving away more codes, I was at school during all that.
    EDIT: I just checked your twitter page and it turns out in an hour, sweet.
    EDIT 2:DAMN IT I need a Twitter account for the next set of codes. I am not creatinga n account just for a free sam and max game. Please telltale, make the questions appear on the site so I can answer and win too.
  • So how many people is on the leaderboards?
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