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issue-21871 : problem with the Treasue Hunt coupon

posted by Sance on - last edited - Viewed by 156 users

I'm sorry if I'm just not patient enough, but I already sent you guys an e-mail on the 9th of Oct., and I received no response yet, so I'll quote my mail here too, just to be sure. Here goes:

"Hi Telltale Support Team!

I have a problem with applying the "50% off any full-season purchase" coupon code. I tried to purchase Sam & Max Season Two, but when I enter the code and click on "Apply Coupon", I get the following error message: "Sorry, that coupon code is invalid or can't be used for this order!" On the support forum I found the info that these coupon codes should be valid until 2009. Dec. 31., so I have no idea what could be wrong. Please help me solve this issue!"

A little more info: This was supposed to be my first use of the coupon, I didn't bought any other season with it (the only full season I have now is ToMI). I also attached a screenshot of the issue.
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  • Hi there,
    We gave you a new coupon in our replies. Did the three-headed monkey eat that one too?

    I'll send you a pm with your new coupon.

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