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Monkey Island ripped off Pirates of the Caribbean!

posted by Thriftweed Fancy Pants on - last edited - Viewed by 6.2K users
Just kidding...:p

I've read here and there on this forum that Pirates of the Caribbean ripped off Monkey Island, but I have yet to hear the whole story on this.

Anybody know?

(Actually, I think I read somewhere that Ron Gilbert was inspired by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so maybe Monkey Island wasn't the original...?)
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  • Oh true? Totally didn't know that, thanks :)
  • RockNRoll;177972 said:
    PoTC was obviously influenced heavily by Monkey Island. The correlations are everywhere, but one of the most flagrant ones is the skeleton ghost pirates. I mean c'mon. That's not from the ride.
    They have "alive" skeleton pirates in the ride, and they had a "ghost" pirate in the original plans for the POTC ride. Originally you'd see a pile of bones, and the ghost would appear over the bones ala The Haunted Mansion to tell you his tale.
  • That would have been cool. I wonder why they didn't include it?
  • I forget. I think they had the same problems they had when doing the HM's famous "Hat Box Ghost".
  • The new POTC movie is going to be called "on stranger tides"


  • I love the PotC movies and since both those movies and Monkey Island are based on a lot of real world legends and myths surrounding pirates it isn't that strange there are similarities. I really don't believe that was done on purpose.

    Now excuse me while I will actually read the thread and hope I didn't post something somebody already said :P
  • Google trends... Monkey Island is searched nearly as much as PoTC in Norway...

    I like to think of them living in the same world as the book on Stranger tides.
  • jack sparrow reminded me of captain dread
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