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Purcell TMI prints problem

posted by alfdaur on - last edited - Viewed by 247 users
Hi There.

feel free to move or advise if this is not in the right section :o)

I got my TMI Purcell prints yesterday (Yay!), but not all of them (boo!).

I ordered 2 signed prints as well as an unsigned print (just in case he ends up signing like 99% of them, and any unsigned print becomes like golddust, natch ;))

got my massive cardboard tube with 1 signed print and 1 unsigned print inside, as well as a paperinvoice rolled up inside it for all 3 prints. the tube itself says 2 items on the postage slip on the outside (I can of course provide pictures to back up my fantastic claims :D).

So, has someone at the warehouse simply thrown my order onto with the (I imagine quite substantial) 1 signed/1 unsigned pile, am I getting another cardboard tube in a few days time, or did you simply temporarily run out of signed prints? :)

if you need me to make a support ticket rather than posting a thread in the support forum, or if my forum account is not tied to my tell tale 'bying stuff' account, then let me know :)

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  • In line with this it's been 17 days since mine was shiped and I'm starting to get a bit worried cos it's NOT HERE - has anyone else from Australia ordered a poster and got it yet or not :(
  • Hi voodoo.

    I can symphatise with your worry, but you should probably make a separate thread for your issue, as it isn't the same as mine (I got my posters already, last friday, just not all of them).

    The support team probably prefer one issue (or at least the same kind of issues) per thread :)

    Hope you get your poster soon!
  • Hi alfdaur,
    If you haven't already, can you send me a message through [email][/email] or a pm with the order number? I will reship your missing product as soon as possible.

  • And, to Voodoo. Please also send me a message through [email][/email] and I will check on your shipment.

  • bonnie;211386 said:
    And, to Voodoo. Please also send me a message through [email][/email] and I will check on your shipment.

    I did that yesterday early morning [issue-22096] thx
  • Hey VooDoo,
    They let us sleep on Sunday. Thanks for posting your ticket number so I could check into it. You should be receiving a response any second now.

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