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FLASHFILM - I wonder what happens in »ToMI - Trial and Execution of GT«

posted by Majus on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
Click on the picture or here to watch.
Preloading for the preloader takes a while, don’t worry…[/CENTER]

A trial?!
An execution?!
Guybrush Threepwood?!


Martin shines with his very own and awesome courtroom-design.
Suro is on board, this time: Mr. Judge.
There is a small guest-role… spoken by one of our friendly forum-people.
And then there is Andrei, aka Silverwolfpet, who blew my mind once more with his many many (!) voice-actions!

So, what could happen in (insert echo) THE TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD?!?(Echo end.)

Have fun speculating!

- Music from the ending, long edition
- Andreis Max-Audition

And here a funny wallpaper, as a gift, kinda. :)
Click there:
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Yay! Love the ending :D
  • Sorry Majus, I posted this on the Telltale Topic, but it deserves to be here:

    Majus and Co. (Poor silverwolfpet, being reduced to Co.)

    Great job!

    ~Phoenix Wright style Stan closeup
    ~I did all I could... twice
    ~He locked me in a coffin
    ~No, call me Stan
    ~The return of the screaming Narwhale
    ~Stan's Jackettm
    ~The opening parodying Telltale's opening. (Dun dun, dadadada Dun plus page blows away vs. the old do dodolodo doo, do do dua)
    ~The Lookout guy looking the wrong way after being interupted.

    To be completely honest, I found the 3rd cartoon funnier. To be honest, I don't know why I found the last episode funnier, but if I do figure it out, I'll see if I can give constructive criticism instead of this "Here's what you did right, and I liked the last one better" post that's here now. Don't let that discourage you in the least bit because I still loved this episode!

    Stay Awesome,

    P.S: I realize it wouldn't be sponsored by Telltale like the other cartoons are, but is there any hope for a "I wounder what happens AFTER Tales of Monkey Island" as a one last send off?

    P.S.S What's Tun-Guh?
  • Man, i dont know how you keep them coming one even better than the other.
  • Calling out that snip-snap = YES.

    Great job, I didn't expect it to keep going on as long as it did. Had me smiling the whole time.
  • Ich habe sehnsüchtig darauf gewartet.
  • This was for me one of the bests they've done so far! I liked most the 1st one they did and this one. This one is top notch quality. I laughed alot! Thanks guys!

    Pd: All the ones they've made are funny. But the ones that had me laughing and entertained so far the most where the 1st one and this one.
  • Awesome as always... Stan was brilliant!!
  • That was great! thanks for the laughs guys, that should hold me over for next week... :) I hope... :eek:
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