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Al Emmo cancel order

posted by Roro387 on - last edited - Viewed by 421 users
Hello. I have tried unsuccessfully 3 times to download Al Emmo. Can I cancel the order? The download takes hours and doesn't have errors until the very end. I'm very frustrated and want to give up on this game.
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  • Hi Roro,

    It's a big download, so I can understand your frustration! I'll cancel your order.
  • I appreciate it! It's no fun paying for a game you can't play. I'll still order from your site again. I really enjoy your games. Do you need any info from me? My email address is ---------- if you need to contact me personally.
  • Nope, you should be all set. If you haven't received a credit within 7 days, let me know.

    You might want to check out the CD version of Al Emmo -

    It's a great game, still worth playing. ;)
  • Hey, I edited your post and removed your email to stop spammers from picking it up :)
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