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An informal site poll...

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
Hey guys, I had a quick question for you about how you use Telltale's site:

If you were to buy a Sam & Max episode from Telltale's site, where would your gut tell you to buy it from? The Sam & Max season one page (here), or the Telltale store page (eg here)?

Or, alternatively, if you have already purchased season or an episode, from which of those two pages did you buy it?
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  • I couldn't get money transfer to work, so a friend bought if for me with my money, no idea where though. (Whichever ones uses Paypal I guess)
  • Looked at the Sam & Max site, then sent an email through the contact us link to clear up a query I had. Got a fast reply & about to buy now through the Sam & Max link. Have voted before posting... btw :rolleyes:
  • I was thinking about ordering other items as well, so I went to the store... but then I decided just to get Season 1 for now. Regardless, still through the store front.
  • Bought Al Emmo from this site... and sam and max I played through gametap.
  • I used the 'buy this game' thingy after playing through the demo of S&M, ep 1. I don't remember how I swapped to buying the whole season instead, but it started after finishing the demo.. so I went with that (other) as my vote.
  • From wherever the link from the front page leads me. I believe I just clicked on the most relevant thing on the homepage. I imagine most people do the same. The end destination is up to you.
  • I bought it twice... I think the first time I bought it, I went to the Sam an Max page. The second time, I went to the store page, because I knew that I wanted to buy it... I didn't need any information from the Sam and Max page.

    However, I've just voted 'store', because I forgot I'd bought the thing twice.
  • "other"

    But I'm in a unique situation. My university PC (my main (and cheapest) connection to the internet) is a Linux machine, so the downloader does not work. I download the 'demo' from a demo site and activate it on my home pc (using my 3G cellphone as a modem).
  • OTHER: I am not really sure where it took me from there, but I clicked the "buy whole first season" link on the main page, so for all practical purposes, I bought it at the root of the site.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    That's through the store
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