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On the subject of the soundtrack....

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Hey there,

I know that we all prefer one soundtrack over the other. Personally, I prefer the second season soundtrack, simply because a more serious tone was taken to it, especially in 205.

So, my question to you is which one did you prefer? The first or second season soundtrack? What did you like about it and what would you like to see in the third season soundtrack?

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  • I preferred season 1. It had more vocals. That said, I would like to see more songs with lyrics in season 3, because they are really magnificent with jared's composition skills.
  • I only have season 1 and i think it's great, but im still looking forward to hear what Jared has in store for season 2!
  • Season 1 felt more natural, so it gets my vote.
  • I think they compliment each other very well. So I guess I'll go with "liked both".
  • Liked both quite a bit, but the second season soundtrack was better. Also, the CD wisely delegated all the minor cues to the bonus "cutscene suite" tracks, rather than the season one CD's choice of having tons of very short tracks strewn about.

    Mainly, I think Jared's change in tone to be a bit less comical-sounding was what made me love the newer material. Although I agree — more musical numbers (or just songs with lyrics) in the future would be lovely.
  • Season One has a lot more song songs, what with the cops tune and War, but the T-H-E-M unveil song is my favorite song from either season. Plus, Bosco's reaction is strangely poetic.
  • Season one gets my vote, because of the homage to Hit the road, the second one gets my vote because of the birthday song.

    Really both soundtracks are frickin amazing so, I voted for both.
  • Like everything else, my love has to go with the second season's soundtrack. The soundtrack seemed to pick up on how the whole season seemed to hold itself up differently than the first. The Season One soundtrack is amazing as well, and I wouldn't say the second season's soundtrack is in a completely other league. They're both amazing, the second one is just better.
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