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Monkey Island Ch 3 - Lair of the Leviathan - Now available!

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Pre-release thread is here.

It's out!


Tales of Monkey Island
Lair of the Leviathan

The official description:
Trapped in the belly of the beast, our hero encounters a surprising band of castaways, including the long-lost (and obsessive-compulsive) explorer Coronado De Cava. Can the Mighty Pirate win the suspicious De Cava's trust? Will sexy pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay prove to be a ruthless enemy, or an unlikely ally? Will the group find La Esponja Grande in time to save Elaine from the rampant Pox of LeChuck? And will the world be crushed by the gnashing teeth of a certain demonic skull? Tales of Monkey Island's moist and absorbing third episode, Lair of the Leviathan, will answer some of these urgent questions -- and raise still more -- as the five month adventure builds to its epic climax!

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"I wonder what happens?" Flash film

So, you guys are playing it now. What do you think?

Obviously if you want to avoid SPOILERS, you should avoid this thread and any media about the game, because they will of course tell you some of what's in the episode. If you want to chat about your experiences in Chapter 3, or whatever else, hey hey.
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  • jmm;205433 said:
    Not everyone wants to get stuck for over a week or so to solve a puzzle. Also consider that the game is episodic, if all the things you say are put in the game the following will probably happen:
    a) The pricetag will increase considerably. "Episodes" will cost around $30 each (More assets (dialogs, graphics) means more money, more QA/testing, more planning)
    b) The games will be released yearly (or worse) instead of monthlyish
    c) The game will cater to hardcore gamers.

    While I still think the difficulty should be increased but not more
    than a few notches (2 or 3 notches).

    The idea floating around of having a difficult mode which the user can select if s/he wants, has some merits (hardcore friendly, replayability) it also complicates development and testing plus it needs more time to develop (which raises costs) and it widens the gap between releases.

    What I think can be a middle point is to both increase the difficulty and enhance (*fix*) the hint system. That way if users get stuck (due to the increased difficulty), there is always a simple way to get past frustrations without resorting to the internets (which is fine as a last resort, but I prefers hints since you are still in the game)

    Fortunately you don't have to walk with those items in real life :)

    I think that their difficulty is well gauged by using the hint system. What I think they need to do though is make the hint system more accurate to what you've done and what you need to do and supply a higher gradation of hints (e.g. obscure hint, fuzzy hint, clear hint, tell you what the heck to do - or even 6 levels...?) And then just make ALL the puzzles harder. That way Guybrush's hints of what he says will make the game easier to the level that you need based on the settings you chose in the menu.

    Quick note: The expectation is that the first time you get a hint you'll get the obscure hint, the second time is fuzzy, then clear, and then outright tell you what to do. But the time of the release of these hints is based on the hint setting in the menu.

    If they're worried about new players the puzzles shouldn't get easier, the hint system should just be more explicit. They already built it in and it's a fantastic design idea to handle that issue.

    final note: I often love having those hints and use them well, but believe that sometimes you need different types of hints. Many times in classic games (and actually in the De Cava puzzle) you may know what you need to do, but aren't sure what elements are needed to do it. So hints referring to each of the objects you need would be a good way to break down the levels of hints. E.g. (You need to still get De Cava a drink, My he has cool glasses, I wonder how I can change the colour of the drink, I wonder if I can change De Cava's viewpoint on the taste of the bile, De Cava sees everything through rose coloured glasses when it comes to his cochlea design.)
  • tbm1986;209713 said:
    @kblood: My favourite pre-Tales MI chapters are MI2 1&2, SMI 1 and CMI 2, so I guess all of us are yearning for one large island opening up gradually and a chain of islands to explore (from what I've read). Sadly, I can only see this happening with a full-budget game released all at once. There's just too much work to do for some equivalent to Plunder Island in a month.
    Actually - this would be fantastic for Tales of MI! Although they would probably need to orchestrate multiple episodes around it.

    See Episode 1 being first island. Episode 2 is exploring the next few islands and incorporating something that happens at the first island.
    Episode 3 adds 1 or 2 more islands and more areas (or simply changed areas) in the first islands.

    It would be tricky, because I think part of the fun is exploring new areas, but if they used it to develop more complex characters because they're have less new assets to create then it would be neat.
  • I'm also wondering... Where is Stan?

    There are still two episodes so I haven't given up hope yet. It would be good timing for the 4th act, however I don't care if I see Wally again or not.

    (Loved seeing Murray!)

    *fingers crossed* hoping that in the final act we see Herman Toothrot and he's back to his skinny, gangly old self!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    PirateGamer;210365 said:
    I'm also wondering... Where is Stan?
    Stated elsewhere in this forum, you might find quite an interesting thought where and in what very fitting role he might reappear right in the next episode. :D
  • Having played each game since the very first Secrets of Monkey Islamd, we've been faithful to download the Wii versions as soon as each is available; however, Chapter 3 is still not available! PC release was 9/29, with a vague date of 1-2 weeks to follow for Wii. Pleeeeeease, pretty please, I'll be your best friend? We're waiting!
  • Domino007;210888 said:
    Having played each game since the very first Secrets of Monkey Islamd, we've been faithful to download the Wii versions as soon as each is available; however, Chapter 3 is still not available! PC release was 9/29, with a vague date of 1-2 weeks to follow for Wii. Pleeeeeease, pretty please, I'll be your best friend? We're waiting!
    It's in the hands of Nintendo, not Telltale
  • Anyone still there? :look:
    Maybe a bit late to do it, but: Congrats! A really fun and entertaining episode! :D
    Keep up the good work guys :)
  • Man I love this chapter. Just fantastically done all around.

    (I'm playing it again now that I have the Mac version ;)
  • I've grown to love this chapter, but I still dislike the part where you have to deal with the DUBMI. The solutions are funny and all, but some things I still find annoying.
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