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ToMI Ch. 4 - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood: TRIAL BEGINS FRIDAY!

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Tales of Monkey Island
The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

Who knows what happens in the next chapter of Tales of Monkey Island? Until we put out a little more information, feel free to discuss and speculate in this thread. For now, how about the most important question you guys seem to have...

Do you have an official release date?
YES. Look for the Trial and Execution of Guybrush to commence sometime this Friday, October 30th Pacific Standard Time. It might take a while, so hold onto yer breeches!
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  • Rather Dashing;214114 said:
    I've been waiting, perhaps foolishly, for the somewhat more ambitious Team Gizka Restoration Project to finish.
    As have I...although at this rate, we'll probably have a second Monkey Island sequel before that infernal mod comes out.

    Speaking of patiently waiting, I wonder if we'll get any news about Episode 4 and/or a surprise release today? Or not exactly 'today' today, since it's 2am here, but even a blurred screenshot would be nice right now. :p
  • Rather Dashing;213989 said:
    That is about as stupid as anything any person can say while still being legible as actual logic. Good show.
    Nice to see we're all mature and capable of intelligent debate without degrading ourselves to the point of simply flinging around childish insults and calling each other "stupid".
    Rather Dashing;213989 said:
    By your logic, Telltale skipped ahead to allow LucasArts to make a prequel that would involve making the Cutlass of Kaflu and then having the game end before the BIG FINAL CONFLICT. It'd just sort of cut off, TO BE CONTINUED IN TMI. It would be anti-climactic, stupid, and have to deal with the issues in continuity of Escape. The timeskip was just to avoid relation to Escape, which is a pretty damn good idea. Few people like Escape, less people like Escape's ending, even less people like Escape's continuity. The safe bet is to provide time, say the universe sort of "fixed itself", and go from a relatively fresh place.
    Purple Tentacle;214000 said:
    For those who don't frequent the forum often enough, Jake is very much part of the Telltale Team.

    To argue with this post would be moronic.
    Even given Jake's post (which for the record, in all the long hours I've obviously spent here given my ridiculously bloated post count, I have never seen previously) it's still supposable that TTG intentionally left a large enough gap for there to be an entire game (with a reasonable amount of conflict resolution to bring the game to a close) made between EFMI and ToMI:LotSN. So maybe it was largely a joke, that doesn't mean it's completely implausible for there to be enough in-between story to full an entire game.

    Just because LotSN starts with Guybrush catching up after escaping LeChuck's piranha poodles and just because it starts in the middle of a conflict doesn't mean that there is no possibility that there could have been other conflicts involved between EFMI and LotSN that could reasonably be resolved in a manner which would give conclusion to a hypothetical in-between game.

    The end of LCR (given account of the revelation as to what actually happened given in the later games) isn't the end of the conflict. It was a stopping point. It was enough that people were left wondering what was going on, while being able to take the obvious conclusion that "it was all just a dream..." CMI provides that this wasn't true and it was the carnival itself that was more of a dream than the two entire prior games. Just because every single loose end isn't tied tight shut doesn't mean the game couldn't reasonably have a conclusion.

    Between SMI and LCR nothing major really happened. Guybrush went around bragging how he'd killed LeChuck and grew a beard.

    Between LCR and CMI Guybrush found a way to break LeChuck's spell which created the carnival seen at the end of LCR.

    Between CMI and EFMI Guybrush and Elaine got married and went on a three month honeymoon.

    There's no real major opportunity for storyline altering conflict in any of these.

    Between EFMI and LotSN there is massive opportunity for an entire game's worth of events connecting the two, and several references are made to such events.

    This is the reason I said the logic wasn't the same. Because there's a significantly larger gap in the storyline between EFMI and LotSN than between any of the prior sequels.

    Given Jake's post I'd be more willing to accept people calling TMI "MI5", but there is still reasonable potential for a post-EFMI, pre-LotSN game. Which was realistically the point of my prior posts.
  • Between SMI and LCR nothing major really happened.
    I don't think this is necessarily true. He didn't just go around bragging, he became really rich somehow, which leads me to thinking he was diong a lot of treasure hunting. Heck, why would he go after a mythical treasure if he hadn't yet found the biggest real treasure. Definitely a games worth between the two.
  • Right, it was silly of me to forget about this. :p
  • So I'm guessing no release date today. It's almost 11 at their offices.
  • I think an important consideration as to whether to brand this MI5 or not is the format of the game. This is clearly an episodic game. The plot of the series is the main focus of each episode, but they are still fairly independent of each other. Even though the individual episodes wouldn't really work as stand-alone games, they are still separate. Each episode has been written/directed by a different person, and they each have their own feel. I think, therefore, that TMI should not be properly termed MI5.

    Think about the world of movies and television, for instance. When they make a TV series out of a movie no one claims that the series is "That Movie 2". For instance, no one would ever claim that Ghostbusters 2 was actually Ghostbusters 3, because the show Real Ghostbusters came out between them.

    In terms of the MI games, I think it is a relatively unimportant distinction, but it is there. I think this whole "episodic game" business is really interesting, and a distinctly different way of producing games and telling stories than single volume games. It is enough of a distinction to warrant, in my opinion, not inserting the five after the MI and keeping it distinct from more the more traditionally developed, stand-alone games that came before it. Part of me can imagine someone hearing there is an MI5, buying the first episode of TMI, finishing it in a day and saying to themselves "THAT was Monkey Island 5?" I do not mean to knock TMI in anyway or claim that it does not have the right to claim to be part of the MI series, but rather to acknowledge that it is different in format than the rest.

    ALL OF THIS BEING SAID: I think it is best practice to continue to refer to the games, in acronym form, using their given names, making LeChuck's Revenge the only game in the series to be properly assigned a number when being referred to.

  • DeLuca;214164 said:
    So I'm guessing no release date today. It's almost 11 at their offices.
    Strange they haven't anounsed the date yet. Their homepage says this week, that will say either wednesday thursday or friday.. Ooooh, I can't wait...:(
  • Why wouldn't it be saturday?
  • apenpaap;214236 said:
    Why wouldn't it be saturday?
    I don't think the telltaleteam are in office on saturdays...
  • Honestly? I think they know exactly when it is going to be released, I think they are trying something new and seeing how the MI market reacts to a surprise! it's ready! release tactic.
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