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You know you're obsessed with Monkey Island when....

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-When you see sword fighting in a movie you wonder if they're going to insult each other with rhyimg comebacks.

-You cringe at the idea of Monkey Kombat

-You think Guybrush is a legit name for your first born son

(add some of your own!)
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  • When you HAVE to post on this thread because it's awesome.
    When you wonder if it is legal to Marry a thread because you love it so much.
  • - you simultaneously almost explode your laptop and your sky+ because you're trying to keep up with Most Haunted Live, FlashForward, Stargate Universe, CSI Miami, Warehouse 13 AND keep refreshing the TTG Site to see if they've released the damn chapter yet.....and keep checking the Bad Taste Bears site for the Christmas bear..... *sigh* Now I just sound OCD
  • - you can explain the story of Monkey Island up to EoMI at which point your brain implodes.
  • -When you screamed during the ending of TOMI:CH4 to the point where your mother was seriously worried that something was wrong.
  • - When you cried at the end of Chapter 4 *shifty eyes*
  • - When you take a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle whenever you go somewhere, convinced that it would come in handy at some point. :D
    - You teach your parrot to say:"It's me, Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate.". :D
  • - You feel the need to have a spitting contest whenever you order a green mixed cocktail at a bar.
    - You automatically befriend someone just because they play MI too.
    - You found out about TMI because you have randomly Googled "Monkey Island" every couple of months for the last 5 years. (*Guilty*)
    - You've seen Guybrush die in SMI.
    - You know tons of obscure color names (cerulean, chartreuse) because of Herman Toothrot's philosophical question.

    - You use the "English (Pirate)" language setting on your Facebook page. :D You should try it, if you haven't!
  • - When you read at your computer (or just get bored, for that matter) you grab the small electric keyboard next to your desk and start mindlessly playing the Monkey Island theme on it with one hand.
    - When you think about Morgan frequently for an entire month because you know she's got some issues with her life, then at the end of the month you get to watch her become even less happy with her life, which then ends, then you spend an entire month thinking about her even more frequently.

    Apparently I managed to associate a song I was listening to a lot with Morgan during the first half of that last one, because shortly after I started listening to it, it reminded me of Morgan every time I heard it.
  • - When you have a dream in which a pale Guybrush is singing Pamplemousse (Divine Comedy) with Winslow on the drums...

    ... no really, i'm off to the psychiatrist
  • Gryffalio;221906 said:
    - When you have a dream in which a pale Guybrush is singing Pamplemousse (Divine Comedy) with Winslow on the drums...

    ... no really, i'm off to the psychiatrist
    Oh, great, now I'm going to have that as a nightmare tonight.
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