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"A shocking revelation that will rock the world of MI"

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Brace yourself for a shocking revelation that will rock the world of Monkey Island to its core.
...taken from the synopsis of EP4.

Who else is a little anxious about this revelation being one of the "Herman Toothrot is really Elaine's grandfather" - sort of revelation? Because I sure hope it isn't. I can't remember exactly, but there have been explanations why this relatedness does not work with regards to the prehistory of Monkey Island (the period of time before Guybrush actually makes his first appearance).

So far, Telltale is doing a great job with how the develop the plot, I just hope that there won't be any, let's call them "unclean twists" like the above mentioned in EMI. Anyone with me?

What's your guess? What will the world - rocking revelation be about?
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