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So, I've got Sybil thinking I'm fame-crazy from my Rorschach tests. What gets that reaction in the free-association and the dream sequences?
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  • Anything in your inventory associated with violence? See if you can use it whenever Sybil says something associated with whatever you violently-react to. Kinda hard to explain, sorry :)
  • Also, sorry to revive a dead thread, but why did my old account suddenly disappear?
  • Old forum accounts weren't saved when we switched forum software and upgraded the site. I'll merge the old posts back into your account later today.
  • I need to show that I subconsciously want to marry my mother in the dream analysis bit - not sure how to do this!

    Can anyone help??

  • I am just playing sam and max 2 for the first time. I have no idea how to knock out the soda bopper in the store or the one spray painting!! help me.??
  • I got it now duh! now i just am stuck in sybil office.. i have the form but i cannot figure out how to react to dentistry. ive tried every word including my gun... what to do?
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