Deadly Intent Case 4

Ok I'm stuck bigtime now!! Every location has a green checkmark in them as well as all the evidence collected except Lyles swiss army knife but nothing lets me check it, the last email I received stated that I should take another look at lyles room that he is hiding something!! It has a green checkmark in it + I have went over the entire room more then 1 time and last when questioning lyle the only thing left to question him on says Did you tamper with the methatrexate medication and he says he has no idea what Im talking bout and then when I press on what evidence I have to back it up none work!! Can someone plz help we with what I am missing and ty in advance!!!!!


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    You have to examine something like a toothpick on the swis knife.
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    Without knowing exactly what evidence you've collected, I can't be sure exactly where you're stuck, but if you have a green check on Lyle's room, CSI-gamer's advice sounds like the best place to start -- take a close look at the knife, and then also at what you take from the knife ... and then also what you take from what you take from the knife! Evidence on evidence on evidence, oh my!
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    Yes it sounds disturbing but its the way to go :)
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    The answer can be found in a hints section.
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