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Windows 7 Upgrade Question...

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Hi all!
I know this isn't the Microsoft forum - but you guys are a great community and I'm guessing someone will have some information, even you tech guys at Telltale. It's so hard to get answers from people on the Microsoft forums, you have different admins telling you different stories.

From XP to Windows 7, I know you have to format the drive that your OS is going on, I've come to terms with that. You have to install all of your applications that are on that drive, I understand that. Here is my issue: all of my games are on a separate hard drive. I understand the Windows 7 registry won't have those games in there anymore, but is there a way to get them to recognize those games without having to re-install everything that is on that separate drive again? In the past when I've formatted my C drive and reinstalled XP, I had to reinstall some games, but not all...and I have A LOT of games over there on that other drive - all my Telltale games, Steam (which has about 2 dozen games there) some stragglers. Do any of you tech guys know about this issue, or what I can do?

As you can tell, I'm at my wits end about this. I want to upgrade (I've got awesome new hardware and I want to go 64 bit - plus $30 student deal from Microsoft for the upgrade). I can handle re-installing Office, Audaicty, AVG, Adaware, CCleaner - all those. But re-installing my games ...that would take a loooooooong time.
Any help or advice? And don't say "go Mac"...
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  • You have to reinstall your games. Sorry.
  • Well, some games don't actually need the registry files to actually play the game as long as all the files you need are in the games dir... I mean I don't recommend it but it's an option. I know steam does need the registry files however. BUT what you can do to keep your steam, is when you install Windows 7, download the steam installer, and install it to the exact same dir your old steam is at. That way it'll overwrite the steam client files, put in the registry files, but it will keep all your games that you've downloaded via it. That's what I've done as I'm dual booting Vista and 7, didn't want to have to have Steam installed twice on the entire computer, as it would have taken up way too much space.
  • as an aside, you don't actually have to reformat your hard drive to upgrade from XP to 7 as it just puts your old Windows installation into a folder called windows.old
  • They do recommend formating your hard disk though...
  • I was under the impression that it had to be a clean install...I know it saves your settings, documents, bookmarks, and profiles on the ram, formats your hard drive, and then puts the file (windows.old) back from the ram to the hard drive before restart so those can be unpacked. I didn't think that included anything from applications (reg files).
    I just didn't know if there was a work around.
  • i am so up to date on things that i thought windows 7 would come out in 2010 or 2011... and is already here.

    How is it by the way?
  • I've been using it since the beta was released. Well sort of, up untill july or so I only used it sparingly, but after that I used it as my main OS. I really like it. It's much better than Vista imo and XP for that matter, as it's more up to date.
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    A bit late but you could try if you have loads of free space on you system disk (Probably "C").
    Boot from the DVD and select CUSTOM as the installation type. Over there there is an option that lets you upgrade. I can't recall, I'm don't have the DVD with me so if the upgrade option is not there (It should, but...), you can try

    Upgrade to Vista (temporarily, evaluation version) and then to Win 7. It works however some of the software stopped working, some were required to be removed or was uninstalled during the upgrade (Windows Mail - I'm looking at you!)
    You don't need to
    a) Use a key to install it (Vista)
    b) Activate
    The only problem with this is
    a) You have to install Vista (meaning you may have compatibility problems)
    b) Your system will not be as clean as it should (Vista and XP garbage lying around)
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