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Season two title speculation.

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Well we are almost at the end of season one, so it's time to guess the name of season two.

My boring guess: More Tales of Monkey Island.
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    A few Bond movies:

    MI: Dr. DeSinge
    MI: From Monkey Island With Love
    MI: Goldfinger (aka: CMI )
    MI: You only live twice
    MI: Diamonds are forever (and doubloons, gold and assorted treasure... NOT!)
    MI: The mercenary that loved me
    MI: License to swash buckle
    MI: For your eyes only (The real secret of MI)
    MI: The Caribbean is not enough

    Unrelated but still
    Grim Fandango 2: Tomorrow never dies
    Grim Fandango 3: Die Another Day
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    Toemoesh;215040 said:
    It's obviously going to be "Monkey Island 5: The 2nd biggest adventure that you have ever seen"
    No it's going to be "Monkey Island V: For Vendetta"
  • Bobbin;215028 said:
    Don't you mean GTCG4AP?
    Guysbrush Threepwoods Cool Game 4 Attractive Pirates?
  • Grand Theft Vessel: Tri Islands
  • Return to Monkey Island
    Grand Monkey Inquisitor
    Monkey Island Nemesis

    Monkey Island: The Ultimate Encounter
    The Pirates of Monkey Island (where you play the pirates who all have individual stories related to Guybrush Threepwood)
    Guybrush Threepwood and the Time Rippers
    Guybrush Threepwood and the Next Mutation
    Monkey Island 6: Guybrush Threepwood and the Final Banana Frontier
    Monkey Island VII (in which they will never be released but a neat tech demo will show ultra-cool 4d gameplay)

    Exile from Monkey Island
    Where in the World is, Monkey Island?

    The tv series, cloned Monkey Wars post made me laugh. Some great names in here
  • The Not-Quite Final Battle For Monkey Island

    Monkey Island - The Bride of LeChuck

    The Secret of Monkey
    ....................Donkey Island
  • Simian Peninsula: Now With More Peninsula!

    Monkey Municipality: Humorous Subtitle
  • Mario Paint - Guybrush Edition
    Legend of Murray - Twilight Guybrush
  • I lost my wallet on "MONKEY ISLAND"
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    Monkeys of Monkey Island

    However, I would feel better if Monkey Island died here, maybe ending with a movie. ToMI is pushing it a little. I mean, I love it - but it's just going too far beyond Ron's original story and ideas. The best thing to do would be to release a real Monkey Island 3 as a movie.
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