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Bug: Stuck in prison after talking to the voodo lady [post #8 has a working savegame]

posted by Idyll on - last edited - Viewed by 11.6K users
I'm automaticly placed in jail, after talking with the voodoo lady, without any means of getting out.

I cannot avoid talking to the voodoo lady, since it's a part of the plot. This must be a bug ...
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  • Haha, not to worry (though, it's quite near 12 am here ;) )

    Edit: Sweet the save game works. Thank you for the excellent help!
    Good luck with the debugging, I know how painfull that process can be .. :|
  • Not sure if this helps but I got to an earlier save got to the part where the bug is and fortunately everything seems to be working now. The only thing I did differently in my game was that the first time I was in a cell when I asked the bailiff to go back to courtroom in order to continue trial. The second time I first asked for a meeting with my lawyer to get out of cell and then talked to bailiff while on the outside. When I got to the bugged part I can now move around and don't end up in a cell with LeChuck.
  • I've got the same problem but for some reason when I download the save game which has it fixed, winrar tells me the archive is corrupted.
  • I downloaded the game right when it came out, but I am waiting for the kids to go to bed to play (our eldest will just yap and ask questions). I am treading carefully in these posts trying not to ruin anything. Please use spoiler tags. :)

    Question: If I re-download & install, is there a new/fixed "version" out since it was first released?
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    Will BANNED
    Nothing new out yet.
  • Any plans to patch/update it tonight? And if so, will there be an announcement?

    Is this an unavoidable bug, or something needs to be done in the wrong (right?) order in order for it to happen? And please be as vague as possible! Seriously.
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    TesterNick Telltale Staff
    Amigo;216775 said:
    I've got the same problem but for some reason when I download the save game which has it fixed, winrar tells me the archive is corrupted.

    Here's a .rar but it wouldnt let me post it as a .rar so i renamed it to .zip. just change the extension to .rar and rar away
  • TesterNick;216785 said:
    Here's a .rar , sorry about that
    I'm guessing there was meant to be an attachment to that post?
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    Will BANNED
    This is a very avoidable bug actually. The short of it: only enter the courthouse from the front door, don't go directly from the jail cell. I'm pretty sure we WON'T have a new build tonight. Unfortunately these things take a little time to turn around.
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    Now we just need someone out there to make a Johnny Cash cover and post it on youtube.

    "I'm stuck in Flotsam Prison, and time keeps draggin' on.
    But that ship it keeps a-floatin', on down to Spinner Cay"
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